Lynbrook Red Cross Club Improves School’s Disaster Preparedness


Last month, Lynbrook Red Cross Club spearheaded a school-wide disaster preparedness project for National Youth Involvement Month. Co-President Grace Lam recruited seven other service clubs on campus to help with this project, and over the course of four hours, over 100 volunteers helped restock every classroom’s emergency backpack. To help fund this project, Lynbrook Red Cross had raised $500 in various fundraisers throughout the previous 2014-2015 school year.

Lynbrook RC #1

Some emergency backpack volunteers gather with Lynbrook Red Cross club members for a group picture after their weekly club meeting. Photo taken by Jackie Chou.

Prior to this project, Lynbrook’s emergency backpacks had contained expired water packs and light sticks. Moreover, these backpacks had items (e.g. crowbars) geared towards earthquake relief, as earthquakes are one of the most common natural disasters in California. However, since the school already had a stocked emergency shed, Lynbrook Red Cross and the school administration decided that the emergency backpacks would be better suited to contain items that would be useful in lockdown situations and other disasters.

By using Red Cross’ recommended emergency supplies list as a reference, Lynbrook Red Cross worked with the school administration to order essential items such as 100 “Be Red Cross Ready” First Aid Kits as well as new water packs, light sticks, emergency blankets, batteries, etc. to be placed in emergency backpacks. New emergency backpacks were also purchased for rooms that didn’t have one. On the day of the event, volunteers were assigned a room number and then restocked and inventoried each backpack.

Lynbrook Room 2’s emergency backpack with the new items. Photo taken by Jackie Chou.

Lynbrook Room 2’s emergency backpack with the new items. Photo taken by Jackie Chou.

Lynbrook Red Cross demonstrated its strong commitment to raising awareness for disaster preparedness by restocking its school’s emergency backpacks. Members were able to utilize the Red Cross’ available resources by purchasing First Aid Kits and referring to the Red Cross’ recommended emergency items.

If you are interested in hosting a similar event at your school or would like to prepare your home for potential emergencies, learn more. “Be Red Cross Ready” First Aid Kits are also available for purchase here.

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