Youth Volunteers for the Home Fire Campaign

Every year, the American Red Cross responds to nearly 70,000 home fires, the largest disaster threat in the United States. To reduce these numbers, the Red Cross introduced the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign in October 2014. Over 100,000 smoke alarms have already been installed, and youth volunteers are encouraged to get involved in this life-saving campaign! Below is a list of volunteer positions that can be filled by youth volunteers – contact your local Red Cross chapter to see how you can get started!

  • Pre-Event Canvassing Volunteer:
    • Key Tasks: Directly communicates with Home Fire Campaign participants in the community about the program’s benefits
    • Areas of Interest: Communications, Psychology, Sociology
  • Documenter:
    • Key Tasks: Ensures that all community smoke detectors are in compliance with safety standards, and maintains documentation when discussing Home Fire Campaign documents with community residents
    • Areas of Interest: Administration, Communications
  • Safety Educator:
    • Key Tasks: Teaches community residents about the benefits of maintaining smoke detectors and ways to prevent home fires
    • Areas of Interest: Emergency Response, Psychology, Sociology, Nursing
  • Smoke Alarm Installer:
    • Key Tasks: Leads the installation of smoke detectors in homes, troubleshoots defective smoke detectors, and ensures the proper functionality of devices
    • Areas of Interest: Emergency Response, Engineering, Architecture

To learn more about the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign, check out this video from the National Youth Council!

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