Experience the Journey of a Refugee


Losing Your Most Prized Possessions – the newest Red Cross IHL youth activity guide – puts you in the shoes of a refugee or internally displaced person (IDP). By participating in this simulation, you can experience some of the struggles facing refugees and IDPs and learn about the protections offered by international humanitarian law (IHL) and refugee law.


In this simulation, you are asked to name your four most prized possessions and then make your way through a route filled with obstacles. See if you can hold on to all of your prized possessions during your escape to a safer haven. The activity guide provides you with discussion questions for after the simulation is finished. Reflect on how the group experienced the vulnerability that refugees and IDPs encounter daily – and how upholding the protections of IHL and refugee law can help ensure their safety.


Debriefing Session


Losing Your Most Prized Possessions provides a way to change your peers’ perspectives on the challenges facing people fleeing persecution, armed conflict, or other disaster. Recruit your friends and classmates to join you on the journey of a refugee or IDP.


Email [email protected] for a copy of the complete activity guide!


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