How Red Cross Can Help You in the Future

The Red Cross can easily help you build your resume. Whether it is for applying to college, graduate school, or employment, the Red Cross experience you have gained can make you a perfect candidate for any position. Below will be a sample of what the Red Cross section of your resume could look like.

How to include Red Cross service in your resume:

  1. State your position or involvement
  2. State what you accomplished
  3. State the outcome/ how many people you affected

Sample Red Cross Resume Section:

Red Cross Services:

  • Founder and President of the Rancho High School Red Cross Club (2014-present): Founded the Red Cross Club into my High School where we do activities that pertain to the Red Cross mission and work towards improving the students’ character, helping them gain leadership, work, and life skills.
  • Youth Leadership Committee of the Nevada Red Cross Chapter President. (2014-present): Leading a dedicated group of students to integrate and incorporate the youth voice of students in the Las Vegas Valley in Red Cross activities. The council has held events, like the “Power Up! Event” to inspire, teach, and get students introduced to the Red Cross.  We have helped many individuals get started with their own Red Cross clubs and ended up getting about 15 clubs started from an original number of three by the end of 2015 school year.
  • Red Cross Leadership Development Camp Board Member (2014-present): Currently planning , with other leaders of the Las Vegas Valley, the Red Cross Leadership Development Camp, which will be held this summer and offered to students from the Nevada Chapter.
  • Red Cross Blood Donor and Recruiter (2014-present): Collected over 380 units of blood.
  • Red Cross Board of Directors, Youth Representative (2016-2017): Evaluated youth engagement and service delivery in meetings with leading business professionals including the CEO of the Red Cross in Greater NY and the President and CEO of BBDO. Contributed to The Measles Project, a collaboration across the region  projected to bring in $5,000.                  
  • NYC Red Cross Chapter Youth Council, Chairperson (2015-2016): Founded board to develop events and policies for the approximate 2,000 Red Cross Club youth volunteers throughout the Greater New York region.
  • National Youth Outreach Coordinator:·  Recruit, manage and provide resources for over 100,000 youth volunteers
  • Member of the American Red Cross of Augusta Board of Directors (2015-2016)
  • Helped raise $23,148 in one month for the Red Cross HEROES Campaign
  • Monthly Golden Harvest Food Bank volunteer with other Red Cross Youth Board members
  • Executive committee member for the Red Cross Youth board for the past 5 years (2011-2016)


Eugen Cotei

National Youth Council Member

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