Youth Spotlight: Rohan Jinturkar

Rohan Jinturkar, a freshman at Ridge High School in Central New Jersey, is a dedicated American Red Cross youth volunteer. Described as outgoing, enthusiastic, and with a can-do attitude, Rohan is a great inspiration for other youth Red Cross volunteers.

Beginning his Red Cross journey in June 2016, Rohan has accomplished much with the American Red Cross. He became a blood drive volunteer, attended two home fire campaigns, a youth leader’s conference, organized the Holiday Mail for Heroes activity for his high school club, ran a coin drive with his club and did presentations for two elementary school groups.

After the Red Cross Club at his high school had failed, Rohan decided as an incoming freshman he wanted to restore and revamp the club, so he contacted his local chapter. Shortly after, Rohan created a detailed outline with a plan of action for the school year. Clearly, Rohan’s enthusiasm for the American Red Cross was infectious. He recruited 20 other members to the Club and followed through on his plans for the year with great determination.

His Red Cross Chapter Youth Coordinator described him as “ very attentive to details and a great organizer for this high school Red Cross club. He jumps in and makes things happen. Rohan is inclusive and makes sure everyone is taking a part of the work–this is true leadership.”

Throughout his Red Cross journey, Rohan has emphasized the importance of helping others accomplish their goals with the American Red Cross. He is attentive to the needs of the members of the club. Ridge High School requires a certain number of volunteer hours per year for each grade level. Rohan went above and beyond and created an outline for members to ensure they can accomplish their 25 hour service goal.

Rohan definitely plans on continuing his volunteer work with the Red Cross. He said he wants to work with the club until he finishes high school and make sure that the club is strong enough so that it can thrive after his graduation. However, he doesn’t want his Red Cross journey to end there. He wants to continue volunteering in college and beyond, and has a specific interest in the home fire campaign.

Rohan is definitely an inspiration for other Red Cross youth volunteers.

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