Be a Field Ambassador!

Youth Engagement. Individualized Support. National Outreach. 

The National Youth Council is officially searching for 2017-2018 Field Ambassadors! This is a really awesome opportunity for youth volunteer leaders (ex. Youth Executive/Advisory Board member/Red Cross Community leaders/etc).

If selected, you will have the opportunity to become an American Red Cross 2017-2018 Field Ambassador! See below for more details:

Benefits of being a Field Ambassador:
  • Individualized support based on your youth board/ chapter youth program structure
  • National recognition for the most communicative ambassador
  • Recognition certificate for outstanding work
  • Official position title and description for resume building
  • Closed Facebook group to create a community
Responsibilities of a Field Ambassador:
  • Report information to the National Youth Council about local clubs
  • Encourage youth to participate in national initiatives
  • Attend 1 conference call a month with a National Youth Council member
  • Promote Volunteer Connection
If you’re interested in becoming a 2017-2018 Red Cross Field Ambassador, fill out the interest form here.


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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection