Youth in Colorado Raise Over $1000 for Hurricane Harvey Relief

For Valerie Warkins, Millie Zhang, Yulim Kim, and Amy Gola, they strived for more to help those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. As the officer team for their local Red Cross youth high school club, they pushed for the above and beyond, making it their club’s mission to fundraise to help with recovery from the devastating winds and floods in Texas.

“It’s such a well known organization that when people see you’re a part of the Red Cross and trying to help, they’re more willing to help you out,” Warkins writes. “We were pleasantly surprised by the success and willingness of Monarch’s student body to help with hurricane relief.”

Housed in Louisville, Colorado, the Monarch High School Red Cross Club and it’s 30 members facilitated three major fundraising efforts:

1. Football Game Fundraisers: club members wearing Red Cross gear asked the crowd for donations

“The most successful event by far were the football games. I think, because a lot of parents were there. We got to talk to each individual that donated to let them know exactly where their money was going. We attended just three games and raised over $500.”

2. Pep Rally Million Dollar Minute: partnering with their Student Council, during their Homecoming assembly, club officers facilitated a game where a bucket is passed around the bleachers for one minute.

“It’s really fun, high energy competition to see how much money we raise in just one minute.”

3. Battle of the Grades: which grade could raise the most money with the help of One week was set and they were off. Two buckets, one representing freshmen and sophomores, another for juniors and seniors. Announcements were given every morning for a status update as to which grades were winning. At the end, the winning grades were announced.

“They’ve made our chapter and region proud.” writes Inaliel Hernandez, President of the American Red Cross of Colorado & Wyoming Youth Advisory Board which oversees, advocates for, and supports youth volunteers across Colorado and Wyoming.

“They’re prime examples of how youth can make a true impact in their community.”

These events weren’t pulled off without strong communication and engagement from their club members.

“We often look to club members for ideas during our weekly meetings,” Warkins writes. “That’s where they brainstorm and staff their events. Members can be out in the field, raising funds for a noble cause.”

Daily school announcements reached all students and staff, promoting the cause and the Red Cross name across the building.

And so, in the end? Over $1,000 was sent to the hurricane relief from the club. It prompts one to ask what are the two lessons they’ve learned while fundraising?

1. Be direct when fundraising. Tell the donor who you’re fundraising for and why it’s important. Be thankful for any donation, no matter how small.

2. Use the Red Cross name. The American Red Cross name has a rich history of giving. Use that to your advantage. People are more willing to help when they see the name attached.

The club is already beginning to brainstorm new ideas for their spring semester to help even more of those affected by other hurricanes such as Maria and Irma. After this experience, the club earned an appreciation for the joy of volunteering with the American Red Cross.

“It was truly inspiring to see our whole school come together for this cause,” Warkins writes. “With every person contributing however they could, we hope we were able to make a positive effort with the American Red Cross to those affected by the hurricanes.”

–  Ian Lee, National Youth Council member, Youth Consortium Liaison

More than 160 local Colorado & Wyoming Red Cross volunteers had deployed out to Texas near the end of September. You can help regardless of your region. Get involved today by registering as a volunteer here.

Author’s Note: I am immensely proud of the Monarch’s RCC. I had no worries leaving the presidency to Valerie and the other officers as I went on towards college. This is a prime example of the impact youth volunteers can accomplish during their time in high school. Please look at our resources in RCYO and utilize the National Youth Council’s Office Hours program if you’re interested in founding your own Red Cross Youth Club.

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