Being a Youth Representative on Central NJ Board of Directors

The Red Cross has so many opportunities for its volunteer whether they are youth or adults. For youth there are regional youth council boards. For adults there are executive board of directors. I got the opportunity to serve on an executive board of directors as the youth representative. I was able to bring the youth perspective on an all adult volunteer board. I specifically was a part of the Central New Jersey Board of Directors. It was an amazing experience for me to be able to grow and network with adult volunteers.

My job was to give updates on surrounding youth clubs activities. I was to engage the board and keep them up to date on all things youth. Though I only gave the youth update on what clubs were doing in the area, I got to stay and listen to the rest of the board meeting which I found very interesting. The board focused on keeping  the red cross budget and hosting philanthropic events to raise money. It was interesting to see another side of the red cross I am not always exposed to as a volunteer in blood, disaster and youth roles. During the discussions not relating to youth,I got to contribute on ideas. The board was very receptive and loved incorporating me into the conversations and made me feel included and welcomed. I served on the board for a year and was able to mentor the incoming youth representative who after being on the board for three months stated, “ From my experiences as a youth rep, the role is a great way to get more involved and better be able to use my skills to help accomplish the ARC mission statement in helping better the lives of my community and humans worldwide.”

I have had a great time volunteering as a youth representative for the Central New Jersey Board of Directors, and I find it to be a wonderful and valuable experience in my life and I would recommend this role to everyone. If that not enough some meetings there is free food.

Michelle Glauberzon, National Youth Council member, NYIM Liaison

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