NYIM Wrap Up

Check out some quick stats about National Youth Involvement Month 2017!

We also had several National Youth Council members joined in on the fun of NYIM! Check out what each council member spent National Youth Involvement Month doing below:

Michelle Glauberzon

Along with her fellow club members at Rutgers University, Michelle participated in holiday for heroes. The Red Cross Holidays for Heroes program enables Americans to “Give Something That Means Something” this holiday season and other holiday seasons year-round. She was able to write holiday themed thank you cards for military, veterans and their families.

Maria Muzaurieta

With the University of Michigan Red Cross, Maria helped with the Blood Battle against Ohio State. Blood battle is an annual blood drive competition between Ohio State and the University of Michigan that takes place in the weeks leading up to a big football game. Both schools compete to win the most blood donations. 

Waverley He

Waverley publicized the Harvard Red Cross Club’s blood drives by word of mouth and by recruiting donors who she thought might be interested!

Angela Liu

Angela created some content for the Communications Department of NHQ to be used in the first issue of YouthWire for this year! In this issue, we celebrated the great achievements of youth this year and in past years.

Evan Batov

At the University of Pennsylvania Red Cross Club, different social events were hosted for members to get to know one another and learn about their experiences. The club is currently working on fundraising for the Measles Initiative and planning their next blood drive.

Hoyt Gong

Hoyt is helping raise money for the Measles Initiative by planning a carnival game themed fundraiser.

Ian Lee

For November, Ian asked what clubs were doing for NYIM on the November Youth Consortium Call 

and got a lot of great feedback from different regions! A lot of clubs have been helping with disaster 

relief! Ian said it “was great facilitating that conversation and helping other staff with ideas on how to engage youth during NYIM!”

Joanna Hu

At University of Pennsylvania Red Cross Club Joanna helped plan a blood drive and is currently fundraising for the Measles Initiatives.

– Michelle Glauberzon, National Youth Council Member, NYIM Liaison

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