Find Your Red Cross Heart

Did you know that February is National Heart Month? Next month is the perfect opportunity for you to share Red Cross love! By writing Valentine’s cards for veterans or by learning life-saving CPR, you can make sure that your community is happy and heart-healthy. If you recently organized a blood drive or have ten minutes to spare at the end a Club meeting, you may also consider hosting a Tweets to Thank event to personally thank blood donors all across the country for their valued donations. Regardless of which activities you and your fellow volunteers choose to pursue, we encourage you to find your Red Cross heart and engage with your families, friends, and communities.



Moreover, as February’s attention to the heart suggests, the Red Cross has different monthly focus areas that can help guide your Club in choosing what kinds of events or activities to organize. Looking ahead, you may also realize that March is National Red Cross Month, which will be a time to honor the mission of the Red Cross and celebrate our commitment and service as youth volunteers. By sending a thank-you note after a monthly event or a certificate during Red Cross Month, you can recognize your Club members for their contributions of time and effort.

It is important for your Club to identify and support the initiatives that the organization is currently promoting, whenever possible. To find more activity ideas and inspiration for planning the rest of your Red Cross Club year, please visit this planning guide and example calendar on


Waverley He, National Youth Council Member, Chair


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