Manasi’s Reflection on the Field Ambassador Program

2017-2018 Field Ambassador, Manasi Singh

When I first joined the Red Cross, I never thought that my involvement within this organization would snowball to what it is now. What started as a genuine curiosity has now become one of the most important aspects of my life. The people I have met through the American Red Cross are now people I consider part of my second family. I can hands down say that without a doubt, being part of the Red Cross has changed who I am and who I will become, in the best way possible.


When I stumbled across the application for the position of Field Ambassador, there was little to no hesitation as I clicked on the link to apply, barely reading through the description. I honestly forgot that I even applied, until I received the email informing me of my acceptance. At that point, I still don’t believe it had really dawned on me that this was going to be one of the most important positions I’ve ever had.


Becoming a field ambassador this past year opened an infinite number of doors for me within the Red Cross, locally and nationally. Suddenly, I became immersed in the fast paced world of the most incredible youth leaders coming together for the sole purpose of helping people of all kinds, regardless of who they were. Before I had taken this position, I was hardly acquainted with my own chapter and the hundreds of volunteers in it. I had been fully convinced that as a sophomore in high school, I wouldn’t be able to truly make a difference as of yet, that it would take many years. Looking back, I’m surprised at how wrong I was.


The bubble that I had lived in shattered and I fell headfirst into a universe I had only read about in novels. I became involved in nationwide efforts led by my fellow Field Ambassadors and the National Youth Council, efforts that had the most incredible results. Though the numbers had always existed, I had never truly understood the immense impact of the Red Cross. Being in this position not only allowed me to see first-hand the affect just one person could have, but it also allowed me to share that with others.


My first call with the other members of the NYC and Field Ambassadors was when I realized what this position could really do. My chapter had been contacted, and suddenly instead of just being another volunteer, I became someone that others trusted and relied on. People within my own district started calling and emailing me, asking if they could become more involved in the Red Cross. Others began to ask my favorite question, “What do you do with the Red Cross?” This became my favorite question because every single time I answered it, the answer changed. The world of the Red Cross became so fast paced for me that I was always saying something different according to what I currently was doing. Whether that may be Measles and Rubella, Home Fire Safety, Disaster Relief, the pride I felt for being a part of such an incredible organization never faltered.



The relationships that I have created during my term are lifelong. Working alongside of 9 other brilliant and passionate field ambassadors has been a true honor. The ideas and conversations that we had every month left me astonished and inspired. Astonished, because of the incredible ideas and motivation these young volunteers had. Inspired, because of the passion that radiated off of every single one of them.


We launched a nationwide campaign for Sound the Alarm that had clear results, started nationally recognizing many youth groups, utilized social media to its fullest potential, and so much more. Together we guided hundreds of youth across the country and pushed for more youth involvement within the Red Cross. I grew from being an excited volunteer to now being a passionate leader for other excited youth. I developed communication skills along with my ability to create long lasting professional relationships. The support I received from the NYC and my fellow Field Ambassadors helped me grow and change in a positive way.


This program has created a whole new world for me, one filled with compassion, love, selflessness, and excitement. The people I have met through the Red Cross, including other youth volunteers, my Leadership Development Camp family, National Youth Council, field ambassadors, and so many others, are now the people I turn to first. Being a part of this organization is unlike any other. Though the Red Cross is one of the biggest humanitarian organizations, the personal connections you make with people within it are ones you don’t make anywhere else.


Starting a Red Cross Club at Indian Hill High School was a budding interest that I wanted to share with others. Little did I know how far that budding interest would take me. My vision for this club was limited. Now the goals and ideas I have after being a Field Ambassador have grown past my wildest dreams. Joining the Field Ambassador program had absolutely no downfalls and was one of the best experiences I have ever had.


Someone once told me that instead of trying to change the world, start trying to change your part of the world. Being a 2017-2018 Field Ambassador has 100% given me the chance to do that and so much more. I am confident that the work of the Field Ambassadors has made a positive impact in our part of the world and I highly encourage anyone who is interested to apply for this life changing experience to do so in their own part of their world.



To learn more about the Field Ambassador program and how to apply, please visit this page!

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