National Youth Involvement Month: Activity Ideas

November is coming up in a few weeks, which means National Youth Involvement Month is almost here! NYIM is a month dedicated to promoting youth volunteer participation and celebrating all the outstanding work that our youth do for the American Red Cross. It is an opportunity for youth all across the nation to share their creative projects and gain not only recognition, but also inspiration from each other. Be on the lookout for this year’s NYIM theme and registration page in the upcoming weeks!

If you haven’t begun planning for NYIM yet, here are some activity ideas relating to the Red Cross lines of service that you can use for your Red Cross club, youth council, or community:


Being prepared for disasters is both important and easy. During a club meeting, discuss the most common types of disasters that affect your community. Teach your club members how to put together an emergency preparedness kit and encourage them to make and practice an emergency plan with their family.

Health and Safety

Register for a CPR certification class with your club members! Learning CPR is a life-saving skill that benefits the safety of your community. You can also teach your community Citizen CPR, or hands-only CPR. Teaching Citizen CPR is a quick and effective way to help your community be prepared for cardiac emergencies and gain precious time until professional responders arrive.  

Biomedical Services

High school student volunteers recruiting blood donors.

Did you know that one blood donation can save up to three lives? The need for blood is constant, and you can do something about it! Other than donating blood, you can volunteer for a blood drive, become a Blood Donor Ambassador, participate in the High School Leadership Program, or organize a blood drive at your school, church, or local library.


International Services

Educate your club members about the fundamental principles of international humanitarian law by planning a Raid Cross simulation, where each participant plays a role in an international conflict. To support the American Red Cross in vaccinating children through the Measles & Rubella Initiative, plan a Vaccinate a Village event. It only costs about $1 to vaccinate a child against measles and rubella, so every dollar fundraised counts!


Service to the Armed Forces

Channel your fun and creative side by planning a birthday party for veterans! Get a group of volunteers to help with collecting donations beforehand and to have fun with the veterans at the party. Another way to appreciate our veterans is to assemble Totes of Hope, personal care kits that can be distributed to Veterans hospitals or veterans programs.

For more activity guides, check out our Activity Guides page. What will you be doing for NYIM 2018?


For more activity guides, check out our Activity Guides page. What will you be doing for #NYIM2018?


– Angela Zeng, National Youth Council Member, NYIM Lead

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