The Importance of the Volunteer Intake Processing Center

We all know that Red Cross volunteers make our mission possible, but have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes to become an official volunteer?

The Volunteer Intake Processing Center (VIPC) processes all volunteer applications across the nation. The VIPC is made up of over 600 virtual volunteers, but I wanted to introduce you to three young adults; meet Justin, Arthi, and Lee. They’re volunteers who have excelled in the VIPC and now take on greater responsibility as they train and help others to join the VIPC. VIPC volunteers play a vital role as they are the first human contact a potential volunteer will have if they want to join the Red Cross. The volunteers need to show passion and dedication to the Red Cross, and these three young adults exemplify these qualities.

“My favorite thing about volunteering with the VIPC is helping perspective volunteers through the application process and getting them into the volunteer workforce. This is especially rewarding when I am apart of the teams who work specifically on large scale disaster relief operations like Hurricane Florence.”

– Lee Mashburn


Their role consists of making phone calls, sending emails and encouraging volunteers to continue with the process. They also help troubleshoot issues volunteers have when signing up. They have to learn to be adaptable in their position as during times of disaster they help make the intake of volunteers’ process faster. VIPC volunteers work nationally as they are intaking volunteers from Hawaii to New York. As high school students, this is an impressive position as it is completely remote,\ and they volunteer between 5 – 15 hours a week.

“For someone who didn’t have much volunteer experience, the VIPC pushed me out of my comfort zone by giving me an ongoing challenge. Through this position, I have had the honor of developing interpersonal and leadership skills while still connecting with youth volunteers in my area. Overall, this position, although virtual, is a great way for me to provide aid on a national scale from right at home.”

– Arthi Venkatakrishnan


The VIPC is always looking for new volunteers to join the team. Contact your local Red Cross region if you want to get involved with VIPC.

“My favorite part of volunteering with the American Red Cross is that I feel that I am making a real difference in my local and national community. Helping others provides me with a great sense of purpose and accomplishment.”

– Justin Krishnamurti


Thank you, Justin, Arthi, and Lee for all your amazing hard work!


– Michelle Glauberzon, National Youth Council member, Vice Chair


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