No Red Cross Club at my School? What do I do?

What to do if there is no Red Cross club at your school?

Red Cross clubs are everywhere but sometimes you come across a place that doesn’t have a club. There is no need to fear there are abundant ways to get involved beyond a club. Below are a couple of ideas and resources to get involved with the Red Cross beyond a club.

1. Contact your Local Chapter and see if there is a Youth Council or Board to join in your region. Youth Councils and Boards are a great way to connect locally with Red Cross Youth.

2. houses a lot of amazing resources such as service project ideas and sample presentations that can serve as the basis of your own events.

3. Crash Course Calls are conference calls designed specifically for youth volunteers focusing on a variety of topics in Red Cross youth engagement. The next call is on 1/20/19 2 pm EST. The topics will be scholarships, fundraising, and member retention!

4. Activity Guides are great resources when planning Red Cross mission-related events.

Use these amazing resources or even the support of a Youth Council or Board to consider starting your own club! You can find more information on starting a Red Cross club here.

Michelle Glauberzon, National Youth Council Member, Vice-Chair 

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