Notable Youth Leadership Opportunities: A Quick Recap

The Red Cross offers a variety of leadership positions for its youth volunteers. These range from club-based positions to regional and national roles. Although this is not a comprehensive list, here’s a quick recap of a few leadership opportunities along with how and when to apply:

  • Field Ambassador Program
    • Field Ambassadors are outstanding high school youth volunteers who serve as liaisons between their local Red Cross region and the National Youth Council. These volunteers work as a cohort to plan social media campaigns, spread information about opportunities for Red Cross youth and report to their National Youth Council member liaison with regional updates regarding youth volunteers. Application details, as well as more information about the program, can be found here.
  • Blood Donor Ambassador
    • The Red Cross collects and distributes about 40% of our nation’s blood supply. Blood Donor Ambassadors are involved in the important work of Blood Services by helping to facilitate the donation process. These volunteers serve as the “face” of the Red Cross by greeting blood donors, helping them to register and answering their questions. This position will also help you develop communication and interpersonal skills. Find more info/application instructions here.
  • National Youth Council
    • The National Youth Council consists of 13 youth and young adult volunteers who work closely with both National Headquarters and Red Cross Clubs and regions across the country. Council members are representatives and advocates for Red Cross Youth, serving as a liaison between them and the Red Cross as a whole. The Council also develops and runs various initiatives for youth volunteers such as the Field Ambassadors program or Crash Course Calls. The 2019 application cycle has closed, but be on the lookout for next year’s application around April!  Application materials and additional information can be found here.
  • Run for a Club officer position or even start your own Red Cross Club in high school or college! Use this helpful guide to start a club, linked here.
  • Reach out to your local chapter for additional leadership opportunities

As a final note, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and seek a leadership position. These opportunities offer valuable avenues for personal growth and development. And the fact that you are reading this means that you are already being proactive and taking the initiative – both important qualities in a leader!


Will Chai, National Youth Council, Crash Course Call Lead

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