Youth Spotlight: Isabelle Shakespeare

“Passionate, Altruistic, Hardworking”

Isabelle (pictured above right) is a student at Algonquin High School, where she is the Club President and Team Leader for her school’s International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Youth Action Campaign. She consistently takes the initiative to ensure the success of her club’s events and works closely with her region on activities to meet local needs.

The club has accumulated over 220 hours since Fall 2019! Thus far, they have raised over $250 for Red Cross, recently hosted a clothing drive for SAF, and are charging ahead with IHL Youth Action Campaign events.

Isabelle works to bring awareness to the Red Cross mission with her ideas. She has over 55 hours from the past semester alone – making her the youth volunteer with the most hours in Massachusetts this past semester.

Thank you, Isabelle – we can’t wait to see what you and your club will do next!

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Volunteer Connection