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In times of disaster or social isolation, it’s often tough, and for some even impossible, for people to leave their homes and volunteer out in the field. With COVID-19 requiring us to practice social distancing and stay at home, it is important for youth and young adult volunteers to have the option of serving virtually. Club leadership, youth and young adult volunteers as well as the regional workforce that support youth are encouraged to use this helpful guide to both organize and partake in activities. Volunteer opportunities and activities vary region by region, so be sure to check with your local team to identify what options are available.

This guide focuses on Volunteering from Home (VFH) and is categorized into our various lines of service and departments aiming to provide a range of activities in which youth and young adult volunteers can engage remotely. 

Remember to share your work throughout your time #VFH with our national youth platforms as well as your regional communication channels (additional details below). If you have any inquiries regarding this guide, please direct them to [email protected]. 

The following service is supporting the American Red Cross mission, so do not forget to log your hours on Volunteer Connection. Consider downloading the mobile app, so you can submit your volunteer hours in the palm of your hand! 

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