September Spotlight: Anushka Gupta

Anushka Gupta, a Rice University Red Cross volunteer, helped build a website that tracks Emergency Response Vehicles and the number of supplies on them.


Inspired by the Red Cross mission, Anushka Gupta founded the Cypress Ranch High School Red Cross Club and was its President for four years. This initial experience motivated her to become more involved with the Red Cross. She continued her Red Cross journey by serving on the Texas Gulf Coast Region Youth Service Council and was the 2018-2019 Field Ambassador for the region.

One of Anushka’s favorite Red Cross memories was interning with the Southwest and Rocky Mountains (SWaRM) SharePoint team. Using tools such as Microsoft Power BI, she helped program a website that tracks the locations of Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) and the amount of supplies on them. Drivers of ERVs can input information through the website, which organizes the data into graphs and charts. For their work, the SWaRM SharePoint team won the Red Cross Presidential Award for Excellence.

Now a sophomore at Rice University, Anushka remains committed to her role as a volunteer and an advisor for the Texas Gulf Coast Region Youth Service Council.

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