February Spotlight: Will Chai

Will serves as both the Chair of the National Youth Council and the Youth Representative on the National Diversity Advisory Council

Growing up in a multicultural community, Will has always appreciated the value of having a diversified experience. In fact, this background was what motivated him to serve on the National Diversity Advisory Council. As the Youth Representative, Will works alongside corporate executives and senior leadership to advise the Red Cross on strategic issues related to diversity & inclusion. The Council also fosters diversity initiatives and partnerships, such as by promoting diversity within Biomedical Services to help sickle cell patients.

One of Will’s latest projects was speaking as a co-panelist in the January session of the Red Cross Cultural Competency Series. As hundreds of Red Cross staff and volunteers across the country listened in, he discussed generational differences within our organization, specifically focusing on his own generation, Gen Z. This presentation helped to foster intergenerational understanding and gave insight into how Gen Z uses social media to create positive change.

Thank you for your commitment to increasing awareness and appreciation for others in the Red Cross, Will. Keep up the great work!

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