March Monthly Focus: March is Red Cross Month

March is Red Cross Month! 

… But what does that mean? Every year, March is declared Red Cross Month by way of presidential proclamation. This has been a tradition since it was first done by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1943, and is meant to encourage Americans to dedicate themselves to the many lines of service of the Red Cross through volunteerism, donation, education, and more! Here we’ve included some resources to help you learn how to engage in Red Cross Month with your clubs and regions, starting with the American Red Cross’s landing page. 

Make sure you also check out our Instagram (@americanredcrossyouth) and our Facebook Group (American Red Cross Youth Network) to learn more and stay updated! 

Week 1: Reflection, Recognition, and Resolutions 

We encourage you to look back on the past year’s achievements and set goals for the remainder of 2021. 

Week 2: Virtual Volunteering Opportunities and Fundraisers 

Week 2 highlights a few virtual activities that you or your Red Cross Club can organize to engage your volunteers. For more events, visit our Activity Guides page!

Week 3: EDGE Trainings 

This week we will be focusing on EDGE trainings, which can be accessed through Volunteer Connection – we encourage you to check out the trainings listed below! 

  • [Blood Services] “Overview of Red Cross Blood Services”: A quick overview of Blood, the Market, Operations, Donors, and Sponsors. 
  • [Disaster Services] “Disaster Health Services Fundamentals”  
  • [Service to the Armed Forces] “Military Cultural Competency” 
  • [International Services] “ISD and SAF Mission Education Series”: This webinar provides an overview of Service to the Armed Forces, as part of the ISD and SAF Mission Education Series 
  • [Training Services] “Psychological First Aid: Helping Others in Time of Stress”

Week 4: Recognitions and Logging Hours 

Take Week 4 to appreciate and acknowledge the work of youth volunteers, and to log your hours in Volunteer Connection. In addition, check out this Tiltify fundraiser for Giving Day:

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