Frequently Asked Questions about National Youth Council Applications

Roles and Responsibilities

Q: When a new member is inducted onto the Council, what does the transition look like? Is the workload overwhelming?
A: All new members undergo an onboarding period during the first month of their term on the Council in which they learn the basics of everything they need to know about working on our team! We want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the structure and functions of the Council before formally starting your Council work. Members gradually take on more responsibilities before they are assigned to a leadership role starting in August.

Q: How do Council members become specific program leads?
A: After onboarding, Council members receive position descriptions of all the available leadership roles for that given fiscal year. They have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions and hear from returning members regarding their experiences before ranking which leadership roles they are interested in serving that year. Afterwards, the Chair and Vice-Chair assign roles based on everyone’s preferences.

Q: Are there opportunities to explore/create your own projects?
A: Absolutely! We always welcome creativity and innovation from our members and encourage them to submit a proposal for a new project to our Executive Committee, who will support them in making it realistic and attainable!


The Application

Q: How should I format my resume?
A: As long as your resume explicitly includes the specified categories, you can format it however you like! The categories are (1) education, (2) Red Cross service (position, accomplishments, dates served), (3) other work experience and community service, and (4) professional development (i.e. awards, conferences attended, relevant training, publications, etc.).

Q: Can my recommendation letter be from another student in a leadership position?
A: Unfortunately, no. All recommendations must be from an adult you have worked with.

Q: Can I reuse my recommendations from when I applied to the Navin Narayan Scholarship?
A: Yes! However, please make sure that your recommenders modify their letters accordingly to reflect the correct application. Please also be advised that we are able to check whether you have reused a recommendation letter from a previous application!

Q: During my screening call, they told me that I was eligible even though I will not be 16 by July 1st or meet the active for 2 years Volunteer Connection account requirement by September 30th, 2021. Will I still be able to apply?
A: Unfortunately, no. We will still be double checking for the 2-year requirement. However, we highly encourage you to apply to the Council next year!


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact Cody Tran, the Vice-Chair of the National Youth Council, at [email protected]. Good luck to everyone applying!

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