February Monthly Focus: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Importance of Diversity

Diversity is what makes each individual special – whether that’s along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, age, or beliefs. By understanding what makes one and others unique, an environment with wider perspectives is fostered. This environment allows for stronger ideas and a better understanding of the best ways to approach a problem. Every person holds different experiences which enhance creativity – it allows us to look at information from unique perspectives. At the American Red Cross, we strive to stay committed to diversity throughout all of the work we do. We understand that through our commitment to an inclusive environment we bolster the strength found both internally and beyond our doors. These efforts allow us to work across the country to develop and deliver lifesaving services to the many communities we serve.


EDGE Trainings

In order to learn more about diversity, educate yourself by watching one of the many EDGE Trainings listed below. If you’re new to this platform, check out this guide to EDGE! Then you can search through to find some of these trainings:

  • Difficult Conversations  
  • CCS – Cultural Competency Series (multiple episodes)
    • “The Effects of Racism, Trauma and Chronic Stress on Health” (February 2020)
    • Time to Pivot – Inclusion from Remote (April 2020)
    • COVID Impact in Indian Country and the American Red Cross Partnership Response (May 2020)
    • From COVID-19 to George Floyd – Exploring Our Emotions and Moving Forward with Intention and Purpose (June 2020)
    • Black Leadership Experiences in Red Cross Mission Delivery – a Panel Discussion (July 2020)
    • The Value of Allies to Diverse Groups (August 2020)
    • LULAC and the State of Latinx Communities in the Face of COVID-19 and Civil Awakening (September 2020)
    • See Us! Native Americans in Search of Inclusion (November Cultural Competency Series session)
    • The Importance of Disability Identity in Disaster Response (October 2020)
    • “Social Injustice Compounded – Racial Minorities in the LGBTQ+ Community” (December 2020)
    • “TikTok, Instagram and other Languages of the Younger Generations” (January 2021)
    • “The Realities of Sickle Cell Disease: Hope is on the Horizon” (February 2021)
    • The Magic Word is Yet – The Key to Recalculating After Disorder
    • The Resilience of Women and the Power that Comes from It
    • Perspectives of Change: a Decade After the Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
    • Voices of Alaska: Listening and Learning from Alaska’s First Nations
    • Busting the Model Minority Myth: the Asian American and Pacific Islander Experience Today
    • From Military Life to the Civilian Experience: Common Challenges Veterans and Military Families Face in the Transition
    • The Roadmap for Building Cultures of Preparedness
  • L2A – Learning to Action (multiple episodes)
    • L2A Empowered Conversations About Diversity
    • L2A Uncovering Unconscious Bias
    • L2A Why Words Matter: Using Inclusive Language
    • L2A Building Belonging At Work: Everyday Actions YOU Can Take
    • L2A Microaggressions: Intent vs. Impact
    • L2A Anti-racism Action: Changing Systems with Candor, Compassion, and Courage
  • COVID 19 Vaccine: “What you Need to Know”
  • Celebrating Diversity and Embracing Inclusion
  • Dismantling Anti-Asian American/Pacific Islander Bias in the Workplace Training
  • Allyship in Action 


Youth Diversity Pledge

Lead your fellow youth and young adult volunteers in a Youth Diversity Pledge this month! By doing so, engage in an insightful discussion on the challenges and things that make us all unique. By clicking on this link, learn how to successfully facilitate a Youth Diversity Pledge session. This pledge was created to empower youth and young adults to be advocates and leaders for the American Red Cross through education surrounding diversity and inclusion issues faced by the organization. As volunteers, we can best serve our diverse communities by celebrating our differences and learning about what makes each of us unique. By being constantly and consistently mindful of the people around us, we can create a positive volunteer environment for both the people we volunteer alongside and the communities we serve. 

  • Access the National Youth Council’s discussion from November 2021 here 
  • Tips for talking about challenging topics 


Resource Groups

Help promote diversity within the Red Cross by joining or participating in some of the Resource Groups below!  


For more ways to get involved, check out these documents 

  • Red Cross Seven Fundamental Principles: The Red Cross Seven Fundamental Principals function as the foundation of The American Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the globe, which work to prevent and alleviate human suffering. Together, these seven values provide a structure to guide our actions and also unite Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers under a common identity and purpose.   
  • American Red Cross Diversity Mission & Vision Statement: This document lists mission and vision statements directly related to diversity and inclusion. 

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