Doire Perot

1075548_10151730823944720_50509269_oDoire graduated from The Ohio State University in May of 2013. She majored in Operations Management. She began her work with the Red Cross during her senior year of high school in her hometown, Lancaster, NY. She hosted a blood drive in her community and fell in love with the organization. She has been a regular donor since age 17. She joined the American Red Cross Club at The Ohio State University during her freshman year and she has enjoyed a variety of experiences on campus involving biomedical services. During her sophomore year she served as the Blood Services Chair. During her junior year she was elected to serve as President of the club. Her favorite tradition at OSU is the Annual Blood Battle that takes place between Ohio State and Michigan in the month of November. Doire joined the Council in June 2012. She currently works as a Group Leader in the Engineering & Facilities department of a Target Regional Distribution Center.

Outside of the Red Cross, Doire is still involved volunteering with her alma mater. She enjoys traveling and cheering for all Buckeye sports teams. She can be contacted at