Sabrina Rush

Sabrina is a sophomore at George Washington University, majoring in International Affairs. She is originally from Augusta, GA.

Sabrina was formerly the Vice Chair of the National Youth Council.

Her American Red Cross story began in 2008 when she was a freshman in high school. For Sabrina, serving on the Augusta Red Cross Youth Board started as a simple way to get involved in her community, but quickly grew into a passion.

She became President of the Board and served for two years. In addition, she served on her chapter’s Board of Directors and Public Affairs Committee. Sabrina was heavily involved with the HEROES campaign for many years, as well as fundraising for disasters worldwide. In 2012, the Augusta Chapter presented her the “Youth of the Year” award.

Sabrina has also served as lead of the Communications working group. She is also in charge of the National Youth Council’s newsletter, YouthWire.

Her favorite part of being involved with the Red Cross is meeting people that share the same mission.

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