National Youth Council Members 2016-2017


Eugen Cotei


Eugen was the Facebook Liaison and a member of Youth Outreach Working Group.

Eugen, a senior at Rancho High School in Las Vegas, NV, is involved in service projects at the local, national, and international levels. He began his Red Cross journey in his small hometown in Romania where he needed to donate blood to one of his family members. In 2010, he began volunteering in his local community, and in 2013, he founded his own Red Cross Club. Eugen later joined his state’s Youth Leadership Committee, where he was elected President and became involved in the Leadership Development Camp (LDC) Board. After joining as an LDC staff member, Eugen led activities such as “Power up!” where youth gathered at the Mike Tyson mansion to learn how to increase their involvement. He also organizes blood drives and donates blood in his local community. In the future, Eugen aspires to go to medical school and pursue a medical career in surgery. He is driven by the need for change not only in the surrounding environment, but also in the way people are treated. Contact Eugen at


Swati Guin 

SwatiSwati is a National Youth Involvement Month Liaison and was a member of the Chapter Services Support Working Group.

Swati is a sophomore at the American University in Washington, DC, where she is pursuing a degree in International Studies. Originally from Baltimore, MD, she began her Red Cross journey when she helped to found the first Red Cross Club at her high school and serve as its first president during her junior year. As an intern for the youth volunteer coordinator of the Greater Chesapeake region, Swati taught water safety classes at local summer camps, helped create the local Red Cross youth newsletter “Cross Connection,” and established the first regional Club Advisory Board to connect all high school and college clubs in the area, acting as its Chair during her senior year. Upon graduating high school, Swati won the Youth Volunteer of 2015 award for her region. Contact Swati at


Waverley He


Waverley is the Chair of the National Youth Council.

Waverley is a junior at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. She is concentrating in Neurobiology with a secondary in Computer Science. She began volunteering with the American Red Cross in high school, when she served as President of Southwest Washington Red Cross Youth Council and spearheaded the Leadership Development Conference (LDC), Trick-or-Treat for Disaster, and numerous other fundraisers. Since then, Waverley has become a First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor, President of the Harvard College Friends of the Red Cross, and member of the American Red Cross National Diversity Advisory Council. Waverley was the recipient of the 2014 Navin Narayan College Scholarship. Contact Waverley at



Joanna Hu

Joanna Hu

Joanna Hu is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying nursing and healthcare management. She has served as President of her high school club, as well as International Committee Coordinator, Liaison, and Co-chair of her local chapter’s Youth Executive Board. In 2014, she received the International Services award from her chapter and was named Youth of the Year. Joanna is the 2016 recipient of the Navin Narayan Scholarship. Contact Joanna at




Amy Ma

Amy Ma is a freshman at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois majoring in Economics with a minor in Human Rights. Prior to college, she served as President of the Clements High School Red Cross Club and Executive Chair of the Texas Gulf Coast Region Youth Service Council, in which she created the local Red Cross youth newsletter, organized blood drives, and planned two Leadership Development Conferences. As an intern with the Disaster Service Department of the Greater Houston Area Chapter, Amy has assisted with Community Partnerships in the Texas Floods Disaster Relief Operation and directed the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign. Amy was awarded the Red Cross Tom Sellers Exceptional Youth Volunteer Award and recognized as the Greater Houston Service Awards’ Youth-of-the-Year. Contact Amy Ma at





Maria Muzaurieta


Maria is from Jacksonville, Florida and is a freshman at the University of Michigan. With the influence of her local chapter in Florida, Maria began her Red Cross journey when she founded the first Red Cross Club at her high school, serving as President her sophomore through senior year. Named Bolles’ Best New Club of the Year, The Bolles Red Cross Club set a precedent for community service for Florida high schools with fundraisers, such as candy gram deliveries, bake sales, and flower sales during holidays.
Maria’s favorite aspects of working with the Red Cross include volunteer outreach and fundraising.
Maria was named the Red Cross Northeast Florida Youth Volunteer of the Year in 2015. The same year, she was named to her school’s President’s List, which recognizes students that have made a significant contribution in the area of service and whose community-mindedness, hard work, and spirit stand out.

Aside from the Red Cross, Maria tutors in foreign languages, hosts international students, volunteers for local hospitals, is a certified babysitter, a National Hispanic Scholar, President of her dormitory, and served as captain of the Varsity Crew team at her school. She is currently a member of the University of Michigan Red Cross Club.
Maria looks forward to lifelong involvement with the Red Cross and plans to pursue a career in finance or accounting, while continuing her studies in Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Contact Maria at


Anna Nguyen
Anna Nguyen

Anna Nguyen is a freshman at UC Berkeley, where she plans to study public health and immunology. She has served as the President of her high school club and as International Services Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, and Chair of the East Bay Area Youth Executive Board (YEB). She has been a youth staff member in the Northern California Coastal Region’s Leadership Development Center. Additionally, Anna has worked as a Red Cross certified lifeguard and water safety instructor at her local parks and recreation department. Contact Anna at






Miki Rai

Miki is the Communications Working Group Lead and a member of Youth Services Working Group.

Miki is a junior at University of California, Los Angeles. She is majoring in Nursing and plans to pursue a career in healthcare. Miki started volunteering with the Bay Area Chapter during the sixth grade. She continued her Red Cross journey as Vice-President of her high school club, as Co-Chair of the Silicon Valley Youth Executive Board, and as part of the local chapter’s Board of Directors. As Co-Chair, Miki led a team in executing events for over 1,600 youth and volunteered as staff at the annual Red Cross LDC camp held in the Bay Area. Miki has translated documents and taught CPR/First Aid classes in Chinese, Japanese and English. In 2015, Miki was awarded the Silicon Valley Chapter “Youth of the Year Award.” During Miki’s first year on the Council, she led “Pathways”, a popular series of articles, and the revamp. Outside of the Red Cross, Miki performs medical research and acts and models for the entertainment industry. Contact Miki at


Bryan Solis

Bryan Solis NYC Photo

Bryan is the Vice-Chair of the National Youth Council.

Bryan is a Political Science major at University of California, Irvine in Orange County, CA. He began his Red Cross journey with his Red Cross Club, where he served as President. Since then, Bryan has gotten involved with Leadership Development Center (LDC) and has become a youth LDC Staffer and Vice-Chair/Red Cross Club Coordinator of his county’s youth program. Transitioning from youth to a young adult volunteer included becoming more involved with Blood Services and leading the IHL Action Campaign Program for the Desert to the Sea Region for the past four years. Bryan was the recipient of the 2014 Navin Narayan Award for Excellence in Youth Leadership. Bryan joined the National Youth Council in 2014 and served as the Chapter Support Working Group Lead in FY16. During this time, his working group began monthly Youth Consortium conference calls for staff and volunteer youth supporters across the nation. He is now going on eight years of volunteering with the American Red Cross. Contact Bryan at


Georgia Vasilopoulos

Georgia VasilopoulosGeorgia is a senior at the Bronx High School of Science in New York who has interests ranging from Neuroscience to International Affairs. She has served as the youth representative on the Red Cross Board of Directors for the Greater New York region and helped establish the first regional Chapter Youth Council. As chair of the Chapter Youth Council for the past three years, Georgia has led region-wide events such as Missing Maps, Raid Cross, MLK Day of Service, and Night for Nepal. She has taught disaster preparedness classes and advocated for the acceptance of youth volunteers onto Home Fire Preparedness Campaign teams. Recently, she was able to volunteer with a Red Cross center in Patra, Greece that provides free first aid treatment and delivers care packages. Contact Georgia at


Sally Yin




Sally (Yue) Yin is a junior at the University of Michigan, where she is pursuing a degree in Cellular Molecular Biology. She began her Red Cross journey as a blood drive coordinator in high school. Sally continued her involvement in college as the Blood Services Chair of the UM Red Cross club. During her sophomore year, Sally was elected as the junior National Collegiate Officer (NCO) for the Crossroads Division of the National Collegiate Assembly, which is a program that connects collegiate Red Cross Clubs around the country. She has transitioned into the NCO position and serves as a member of the National Youth Council for the upcoming year. 



Kayleigh Barnes 

unnamed-1Kayleigh is a 17 year old International Baccalaureate student at Sussex Academy High School in Georgetown, Delaware. She began volunteering for the American Red Cross in September 2012 during Superstorm Sandy and quickly discovered her passion for disaster preparedness. Since beginning her Red Cross journey Kayleigh has started a community youth club and two school youth clubs, taken control of all the youth clubs in her region, volunteered as a project lead for The Pillowcase Project, helped install smoke alarms in local homes, and has worked at countless events as an outreach volunteer. Her favorite activity to do with the Red Cross is work at community events and teach young children about being prepared for disasters. In 2013 Kayleigh was awarded the Delmarva Youth Volunteer of the Year award  by her chapter, and in 2015 she was awarded a Governor’s Volunteer Service award for her work with the ARC and was also named a Daily Point of Light. Outside of the Red Cross, Kayleigh plays softball, competes in pageants, and runs her own non-profit mentoring organization. Contact Kayleigh at


Suzanne Anderson, NYC Advisor


Suzanne Anderson has been a volunteer manager and youth lead specialist for the New Jersey Region since 2009. Suzanne has had the responsibility of creating the Young Professionals group, the Regional Youth council and establishing over 17 high school and college Red Cross clubs and councils. In addition, she works with college interns, service learning students, and community volunteers. Suzanne has just completed her first year as an advisor on the National Youth Council.

A longtime volunteer, Suzanne has been active with Scouts, 4-H, the local Community Emergency Response team, her town events and Woodlands Wildlife refuge. While volunteering, Suzanne was the recipient of the American Red Cross Youth Volunteer award for her chapter and the Presidential Service Award for Volunteerism.

On weekends, Suzanne volunteers for the Red Cross teaching Disaster courses and the IS course “Born on the Battlefield.” Contact Suzanne at


Anna Drenning, NYC Advisor 


Anna became a high school volunteer with her local chapter in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. From there, she founded two Red Cross Clubs in high school and college and served terms on both the National Youth Council and National Young Professionals Council. Anna is currently the Regional Youth Volunteer Specialist with the Western PA Region of the American Red Cross and advocates for youth and young adult involvement through all lines of service. In her role, she works with youth-focused community partners, volunteers, Red Cross Clubs, interns and young professionals. Contact Anna at





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