Congratulations to the 2014 Navin Narayan Award for Excellence in Youth Leadership Winner

National Awards and Recognition Dinner 2015

We are proud to share that Maxwell Ervanian was named the American Red Cross 2014 Navin Narayan Award for Excellence in Youth Leadership Winner.

Maxwell Ervanian’s impact at the American Red Cross has been felt since his early involvement. Presently, he is a volunteer instructor, community outreach coordinator and recruiter. In four years with the Red Cross Volunteer Life Saving Corps (VLSC), Max has amassed a record 1,837 volunteer hours, handled 49 first aid cases, assisted seven swimmers in peril and conducted five lifesaving water rescues. He’s also an active member of Club Red at his university. At age 15, Max joined the VLSC and immediately volunteered to assist with the Junior Lifeguard program. At age 16, he qualified as an instructor for 300 children, ages 9 to 15. At 17, Max spearheaded the organization of community outreach events. His dedication has led to his impressive record of health and safety presentations to more than 10,000 beach area residents and course instruction for an additional 300 Red Cross students. He created and successfully marketed the Beach and Ocean Safety program for the Duval County Public Schools, which was subsequently approved for classroom presentation. Max has received the Northeast Florida Chapter’s 2014 Volunteer of the Year Award for his leadership role with the Red Cross VLSC. Max’s next objective is to be an active disaster responder and disaster services instructor. “Participating in an endeavor is never enough for me. I always seek ways to learn, become more involved, and earn a leadership role. The wonderful thing about Red Cross is the wide variety of activities in which a volunteer can engage. There is literally something for everyone,“ he says.

Maxwell was honored at the FY2014 National Award and Recognition dinner on February 18, 2015 in Washington, D.C.

Congratulations Maxwell!

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Re-Energize Your Club for the Spring!

When spring rolls around, clubs sometimes find it difficult to keep the energy from the fall going. Here are some tips to bring your club together and get pumped for new opportunities to get involved with the Red Cross!

• Brainstorm: Find out what projects club members are interested in! Get club members excited about new project ideas by holding a meeting specifically for brainstorming or starting a discussion on Volunteer Connection dedicated to ideas for the new semester.
• Make New Goals: A new semester provides the new opportunity to pursue new activities. Take advantage of this fresh start to research new areas of service that your club has not already looked at!
• Finalize Plans: Once a club has some tangible projects and goals, take the time to plan concrete timelines. By planning ahead with specific dates, ambitious projects seem more feasible and less intimidating.
• Socialize: You want to remind club members of why they joined their Red Cross Club, and remember that an important aspect of club membership is forging new friendships! Some popular ways to get clubs to socialize include having informal gatherings, such as holding community dinners or to going to a movie together.
• Find New Ways to Get Involved: If you still want to hear about more ways to keep your Red Cross Club excited, contact the National Youth Council! You can scheduele an appointment with a National Youth Council member through the “Office Hours” program at Or, if you want to have your club talk with a National Youth Council member, consider scheduling a Connect Tour! More information about Connect Tours can be found at

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#StopDropandRoll: Youth Project from Silicon Valley

The youth volunteers of the Silicon Valley American Red Cross Chapter have created an awesome initiative to promote fire safety and preparedness through social media! Youth volunteers have been posting videos of them performing “Stop-Drop-Roll” to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the caption “Watch me #stopdrollandroll for the #redcross. I’m tagging [ ] and [ ] to show us how they stop, drop, and roll within the next 48 hours or donate $10 to the Red Cross! #thisishowiroll” By incorporating social media in their project, the youth of Silicon Valley are hoping to engage with youth volunteers from a variety of Red Cross chapters and spread national awareness for the importance of being prepared for a fire. The National Youth Council is planning to post #stopdropandroll videos soon, and we want to see how Red Cross youth volunteers from across the country #stopdropandroll! For more information, check out this video:

Thanks to the youth volunteers of Silicon Valley for creating this amazing initiative!

If you want to highlight a project from your Red Cross chapter, email!

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Get a Kit, Make a Plan, and Be Informed!

Whether it’s National Preparedness Month, Youth Preparedness week, America’s PrepareAthon or March is Red Cross Month – it’s always a good time to get prepared.

Check out this Red Cross Youth created video:

Get a kit, make a plan, and be informed!

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Paradigm Challenge

Sign up for the Paradigm Challenge


ATTENTION: Creative youth aged 7 to 18

WANTED: Ideas to prevent home fire injuries

REWARDS: Cash prizes up to $100,000




The Paradigm Challenge is an annual competition developed by Project Paradigm (a private foundation) and the American Red Cross to inspire youth to affect positive change in the world.

The first annual challenge aims to generate new ideas to prevent injuries and fatalities from home fires – America’s #1 disaster threat. We invite youth aged 7 to 18 (as of May 1, 2015) to accept The Challenge, build a team, become problem solvers, learn about home fires, and help save lives.

Youth across the country are challenged to team up and join the fight against home fires. Sign up to learn about the problem and how to create a solution. We welcome all ideas including posters, videos, inventions, messages, community events, mobile apps, websites, or anything else that will help save lives. The 100 teams with the best ideas will win cash prizes up to $100,000!

Click here to learn more!



We believe in the power of youth.

Your creative ideas can help save lives.

We challenge you to change the world.



Home fires cause massive harm each day:

  • 7 people die
  • 36 people are injured
  • $18 million in damage to homes

Sign up today!


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