New Activity Guides Posted!

Hey Everyone!

Love the activity guides we have for preparedness, blood and fundraising? Well you’re in luck! We just posted three new activity guides for International Services and Services to the Armed Forces! If you are looking to volunteer in these two lines of service, check out the activity guides for “Raid Cross,” Totes for Hope,” or “Birthday Party for Veterans” here!

Save the Small: Child Soldiers Video

Hey everyone! The Townsend Harris Red Cross Club put together a video to raise awareness about Child Soldiers and summarize the Red Cross campaign. Check out what they did to inform their school about child soldiers, and visit their FB group page to ask them how to replicate this in your school. Thanks Townsend Harris Red Cross Club!

NYC Member Applications

Are you an outstanding Red Cross volunteer between the ages of 16 and 25? Are you looking to increase your youth involvement with the Red Cross at the National level and make an impact on youth volunteering throughout the country? Join the National Youth Council! We are looking for passionate and dedicated volunteers to join us as we work on youth projects across the country to promote youth involvement with the Red Cross!
Applications are available and are due on May 15, 2014! We can’t wait to read your application, so apply today!

The application process is now open! 

Instructions and Applications:

NYC Member Application:

NYC 2014 Member Application Instructions

NYC 2014 Member Application

NYC2014 Red Cross Recommendation Form

NYC 2014 Non-Red Cross Recommendation Form


NYC Advisor Application:

NYC 2014 Advisor Application Instructions and Position Description

NYC 2014 Advisor Application


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Huffington Post- My Red Cross Journey As a Youth Volunteer

“When we think of heroes, we are reminded of Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman, all Marvel and DC Nation heroes. But do we ever think of ourselves as heroes or possible heroes? There are heroes, and they belong to the Red Cross. Red Cross volunteers are everyday heroes that I look up to and a league I am proud to be part of,” said Jasmine Han.


“My journey with the Red Cross has allowed me to play my role as an everyday hero and meet many other heroes. You can join the league by contacting your local Red Cross chapter,” she said.

Read the rest of her story here.

Congratulations, University of Michigan!


Congratulations to University of Michigan Red Cross Club!

They hosted a 5k on March 22 that raised over $1500 for the Red Cross.

With more than 100 participants signed up, they had a very successful event.

Way to go, University of Michigan!

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