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The IHL Action Campaign is an exciting youth program of the American Red Cross. Through the IHL Action Campaign, you learn about International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and then create and implement your own campaign in order to teach your peers about the importance of these rules of war. In the 2014-15 year, young people participating in the IHL Action Campaign directly reached more 54,000 people both in person and online through simulations, videos, skits, art displays, trivia games, social media campaigns, presentations, and more.

To get involved, contact your local chapter. National Headquarters is offering grant funding to chapters to support the recruitment and training for the IHL Action Campaign, and your chapter staff can help you apply.

Interested chapters should submit the completed 2015-2016 grant application by Wednesday, July 15, 2015.

For more information on the program, please contact Yenisleidy Simon Mengana, Youth Education Program Officer, at

Be part of a team that makes a difference and shares the message that there is humanity even in the midst of war.  

Watch these videos to learn more about Raid Cross, a simulation activity to teach young people about IHL:

Check out these blog posts to meet some of the amazing young people who took part in the program last year.

Completed applications should be sent to by July 15, 2015.

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Congratulations Melanie Nomiya!


Congratulations to Melanie Nomiya for winning the Navin Narayan Scholarship Award!  Every year, the National Youth Council awards a graduating high school senior a college scholarship for their academic excellence and devotion to the Red Cross.  Not only is Melanie a phenomenal student, but she also founded the Red Cross club at her high school, and is President of the club at the South Bay Chapter youth group.  She is especially passionate about International Humanitarian Law, and plans on continuing her Red Cross journey at UCLA this fall.  Again, congratulations!




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Thank you for all your contributions for #allin1day!

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Aparna’s Farewell to the NYC



Three years is a really long time….or so I thought. June 2012 was one of the most exciting months of my life for a whole variety of reasons, one of which is the National Youth Council. I still remember where I was (my room), and what I was doing (watching Netflix) when I got the call of my acceptance.

It has been a whirlwind of activity since then and I am so lucky to have been a part of this amazing group of dedicated Red Crossers. As my term comes to an end in the next month, I wanted to reflect on everything the Council has taught me, and encourage all of you to dive deep into all that you are passionate about – the rewards are beyond quantifiable!

Over the last three years, my Red Cross adventure has exponentially grown. What started out as a curious inquiry to the front desk volunteer in the building next to my temple grew into a lifelong love of volunteering and service. The Council specifically has given me a greater appreciation for all that the Red Cross does. It has made me a better leader, a better team member and a better person. That first year on the Council, I learned a lot about programs and initiatives, reasons why youth choose us (we are awesome…), and a behind-the-scenes perspective on some of the lines of service that I had less experience with, such as International Services. In that first year on the Council, I met many amazing employees from National, and among them are those that work in International Services, specifically International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

Learning about IHL and the importance of teaching it to youth reminded me of how global the Red Cross is – the International Movement is one of the best humanitarian services in the world, and it is incredibly amazing and humbling to be reminded every day that I am a part of that.

During my second year on the Council, I took on more leadership within our structure and got a chance to connect with my fellow Council members. From rural pockets to urban stretches, our members come from everywhere and it has been an absolute honor to work with all of them. There is almost no call or email that goes by without us reminding each other of the level of “Red Cross crazy” that we are. Probably the best part of the second year, going into the third year, was the opportunity to attend a Model IFRC General Assembly – for youth, by youth – in Seoul last summer. It was an incredible experience to be among so many committed Red Cross/Red Crescent volunteers who do so much for their own societies, let alone their international level of involvement. There is so much to learn from the other Societies, and so much to give. Without the Council, I would never have had this experience, and it is one that will resonate with me forever.

As this final year with all the projects, agenda, conference calls, emails and tasks comes to an end, it’s bittersweet of course. While I am sad to be leaving, I am excited for other youth volunteers to get a chance to experience what I did. As with any experience, there were trying times, happy times, sad times, crazy times, but the Council was truly an integral piece of my Red Cross experience. It’s already been nine years with the Red Cross, but I look forward to decades more!

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Giving Day Reminder!

There is still time to sign up to be a Red Cross Giving Day Social Ambassador and receive your FREE Red Cross t-shirt! Join the nearly 100 Red Cross youth and young adult volunteers across the country  that have already signed up to share why they support the Red Cross on June 2, our first ever Giving Day! Wear your shirt, take a selfie, post to your favorite social media site, and use hashtag #allin1day. It only takes two minutes to make a huge impact. Sign up today!

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