National Youth Council Feedback

Want to see more events like National Youth Involvement Month? Still have questions about Volunteer Connection? Have suggestions for our Facebook Page? Let the National Youth Council know how we’re doing being a source of support and assistance. Please fill out this poll thoughtfully to help us evaluate our work. If you have any questions […]

Red Cross Month is HERE!

Every year, the month of March is proclaimed Red Cross month which gives the organization a change to recognize those who help our mission everyday. This March, we encourage YOU to help further the Red Cross mission in any way you can! You can take a class and become certified in a multitude of different […]

Office Hours

National Youth Council members will be sharing their areas of expertise on Facebook this month! This way, if any youth volunteers have questions they know exactly who to ask for help! The NYC members can provide help with activity guides, resources, and general experience so feel free to contact them as they are anxiously awaiting […]

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Happy National Youth Involvement Month!

Thank you to the 392 people who signed up for NYIM 2016! This is an incredible improvement from the 65 sign-ups last year. NYIM is all about highlighting youth involvement as about 20% of the entire Red Cross volunteer force is youth volunteers. Throughout the month, participants are encouraged to hold events like Kit Drives, […]

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CRASH COURSE-Meet Outstanding Volunteers! #TeamRC Goals

Now that NYIM is wrapping up, participate in a recap Crash Course Call with the National Youth Council and other youth volunteers in other parts of the US! On December 5th you will have the opportunity to join outstanding youth volunteers across the country on a conference phone call at 9pm EST.  The National Youth Council […]

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2016 Navin Narayan Scholarship Announcement

Congratulations to our 2016 Navin Narayan Scholarship Winner – Joanna Hu! Joanna recently graduated from Evergreen Valley High School (EVHS) in San Jose, CA, and will attend the University of Pennsylvania (U Penn) in Philadelphia, PA this fall. She is currently involved with the Silicon Valley Red Cross Chapter and EVHS Red Cross Club, and plans to join the Philadelphia Red […]

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Experience the Journey of a Refugee

  Losing Your Most Prized Possessions – the newest Red Cross IHL youth activity guide – puts you in the shoes of a refugee or internally displaced person (IDP). By participating in this simulation, you can experience some of the struggles facing refugees and IDPs and learn about the protections offered by international humanitarian law […]

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Five Tips for Successfully Coordinating a Blood Drive

Blood services is an important branch in the American Red Cross. Did you know that in the United States, the Red Cross supplies more than 40% of the nation’s blood supply? Youth play a key role in reaching the high demand for blood by coordinating blood drives at high schools, colleges, and other community areas. […]

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These Moments From the #WhyI Blood Drive Campaign Will Make You Feel All the Feels

Western Michigan University successfully launched the “why I…” campaign for a partnership blood drive with the university theatre department this February. President Jimmy Brand brought forth the idea because he wanted to find ways to “put a face to the issue of volunteerism.” The WMU Red Cross club members took photos of the volunteers and donors […]

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Red Cross as a Pre-med/ Pre-health Student: How to kill two birds with one stone

Our culture has taught us the importance of being a well-rounded individual: whether you are applying for college or trying to get a job, there is a large emphasis on being not only academically intelligent, but being an individual who is invested in their community. As cliché as it is, employers and admissions officers would […]

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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection