From Red Cross Club to Over 30 Years Later…

From July 9, 2012 I went to grammar school in San Francisco during the early and mid 1960s. My school had an after school Red Cross Club, hosted by one of our teachers. I loved being involved in that club. I learned about the Red Cross programs and the teacher had us participating in […]

Call us, maybe?

Whether A, B, AB or O, you’re just our type. To make an appointment to donate blood or platelets, give us a call or visit here.

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Red Cross Pick-Up Lines for Valentine’s Day Part 2

Happy Valentine’s Day Red Crossers! And Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day for those who do not celebrate the chocolate filled holiday. Last year, I composed a few Red Cross related pick-up lines folks could use on Valentine’s Day. The post was quite popular so I decided to write new conversation starters for 2012. Enjoy. For […]

Grandmother, mother and daughter donate together

Strength in numbers- or family numbers, that is. Nisswa, Minnesota resident 16-year-old Sabrina Aldin traveled to Baxter, Minnesota, to donate blood at the Heritage Assembly of God Church with her mother and grandmother in March. A first time donator, Sabrina mustered the courage to donate because of the support from her fellow family members, who […]

Red Cross Lifer – Meet Christine Theberge

Christine Theberge is a student at Penn State and the Health and Safety officer for the Penn State Student Red Cross Club. Listen to Christine talk about the many successful blood drives the Club hosts on Red Cross Lifer. Interested in learning more about the Penn State Red Cross Club? Visit their website. Do you […]

Double the Lives Saved, Double the Fun

This morning was like any other morning for a college student. My alarm went off and I refused to get out of bed. I was rummaging through my clothes, debating what to wear when I saw a Red Cross t-shirt and thought, “sure.” As I walked to class, I was surprised to see the Red […]

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Governor signs bill allowing 16-year-olds to give blood

The other day, I went to the blood drive at my high school to give double red blood cell units. To me, it was nothing new since I had been donating whole blood since I was 16 and double red units since 17. However, I was taking this privilege for granted. California is lucky in […]

Seven more pints to a gallon

I did it! I donated blood for the first time today! What an experience! I read last week that the New England Region was holding their regular blood drive in Brattleboro, VT, so I made sure to mark it on my calendar. Using the Tips for a Good Donation Experience, I had a filling breakfast […]

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Don’t Donate

Red Cross Racing rewards loyal blood donors

On October 2, the first round of winners for the Red Cross Racing program were chosen. Four committed blood donors were selected at random and will join the Red Cross as VIPs at the Phoenix International Raceway on November 9. The need for blood is ongoing and the Red Cross relies on dedicated individuals across […]

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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection