Staying Thankful This Thanksgiving

Mashed potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie, marshmallow with yams, and of course, the turkey. Ah yes, it’s Thanksgiving. In the spirit of the holiday weekend, I’ve come to re-center and slow down after the rush of my first semester at college. What makes me happy? What makes all of us happy? Want to know what it […]

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Being a Youth Representative on Central NJ Board of Directors

The Red Cross has so many opportunities for its volunteer whether they are youth or adults. For youth there are regional youth council boards. For adults there are executive board of directors. I got the opportunity to serve on an executive board of directors as the youth representative. I was able to bring the youth […]

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Social Engagement: Supporting the Red Cross Online and Offline

If your morning routine is anything like mine, one of the first things you do upon waking up is to check your phone for new notifications. In fact, although you might not realize how much time you spend on social media websites throughout the day, statistics show that the average user spends 50 minutes each […]

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Youth in Colorado Raise Over $1000 for Hurricane Harvey Relief

For Valerie Warkins, Millie Zhang, Yulim Kim, and Amy Gola, they strived for more to help those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. As the officer team for their local Red Cross youth high school club, they pushed for the above and beyond, making it their club’s mission to fundraise to help with recovery from […]

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Meet your 2017-2018 National Youth Council Members!

National Youth Council (NYC) members are appointed 2-year terms every July. In July, we welcomed new members Angela Liu, Evan Batov, Hoyt Gong, Ian Lee,  and Michelle Glauberzon.  Learn more about our members’ below: Within the National Youth Council, all members work collaboratively together to serve the Red Cross mission and 5 lines of service. In […]

Leadership Opportunities within the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is an organization that offers wonderful opportunities for all volunteers to get involved in serving the 5 lines of service, including: 1. Service to the Armed Forces 2. Health and Safety 3. Disaster 4. Biomedical 5. International _________________ The American Red Cross also offers an abundance of opportunities for youth to […]

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3 Great Ways to Get Involved with the Red Cross

As another new school year begins, we’d like to share with you 3 great ways to get involved with the Red Cross! Whether you are in high school or college, there are opportunities are youth of all ages to get involved. JOIN A RED CROSS CLUB If your school already has a Red Cross club, […]

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Apply to be a Field Ambassador!

Youth Engagement. Individualized Support. National Outreach.  The National Youth Council is officially accepting applications for 2017-2018 Field Ambassadors! This is a really awesome opportunity for youth volunteer leaders (ex. Youth Executive/Advisory Board member/Red Cross Community leaders/etc). If selected, you will have the opportunity to become an American Red Cross 2017-2018 Field Ambassador! See below for more details: _________ […]

How Youth Can Help in Disasters

As a Houstonian, watching my city go underwater during Hurricane Harvey has been terrifying. However, I am so so proud of all the volunteers that have come to help, both from inside and outside the city. In many places, there were so many volunteers that local organizations had to turn people away due to overcapacity. […]

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Youth Spotlight: Paolo Martinez

Youth Spotlight: Paolo Martinez, Braving the Floods 5AM mornings. 20 hour work days. Saving a man’s life. It’s all tough work – work that some may never even experience in their lifetime, but for Paolo Martinez, helping others through his work has always been such a fulfilling feeling. Paolo joined the Red Cross as an […]

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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection