11 Colleges and High Schools Where the Red Cross is Making a Difference

Bolles Red Cross Club ǀ Jacksonville, Florida The Bolles Red Cross club held bake sales, candy grams, carnations sales, and more to donate $1,000 to their Red Cross University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, Michigan The UofM Red Cross Club hosts an annual “Run for the Red” 5K event, raising thousands of dollars for their […]

Hosting a Blood Drive

Hosting a blood drive can be one of the best ways to give back to your community. Not only do the donations collected benefit those in need, but giving blood can make a positive difference in the donor’s life. In addition, is a really fun club activity! You can easily make competitions and games out […]

Gaining Visibility

So, you have club. You have had an awesome first meeting. People are starting to join your club. You’re doing great! Now it is time to gain visibility on campus! Gaining visibility on campus is important to get more members and to make your already amazing events even better. Visibility is important for previously existing […]

Easy Event Ideas

Easy Event Ideas Now that you have had your first few club meetings, figuring out what type of projects you can do is incredibly important. This not only shapes the tone for future meetings, but also drives interest for members to attend meetings regularly. Here are a few different projects that YOU can plan, along […]

Organizing and Advertising Your First Meeting

Organizing and Advertising Your First Meeting Your Red Cross club’s first few meetings are some of the most important of the year. This is the time to not only recruit students to join the club, but to grab and hopefully maintain their interest so they regularly attend club meetings and events. If you have a large […]

Leadership Transition

How to keep your club alive after your leadership team graduates?   Hello fellow Red Crossers!  The semester is coming to a close and that means that some clubs are probably handing over leadership or just preparing to start up in the new year.  I think that all of us have experienced a struggle in restarting a […]

Youthwire November 6, 2012

Not subscribed to Youthwire? Click here.   November 6, 2012 Editor’s Note Hi Everyone! November has flurried in with lots happening in the news and here at the Red Cross. I hope you are all safe and sound from Superstorm Sandy, especially those in states most impacted. It was an incredibly devastating storm for so […]

How to Retain Members

So you’ve had your club for a few months and the excitement could be decreasing a bit. Don’t worry- you are not alone. It happens for many clubs.   How do you keep members active and engaged? Simple: keep the meetings and events exciting. Use our activity guides  to help plan amazing events. There is no reason […]

Starting a Club

Starting Your Own Red Cross Club!   We’re super excited that you want to start a club at your school! Here we’ve outlined some steps that we hope you’ll find useful as you set up your club. High school clubs have a slightly different set of instructions from college clubs, so pay attention to that […]

Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection