Field Ambassadors

What is the Field Ambassador program?

The Field Ambassador program is a program during the school year for outstanding high school Red Cross volunteers who want to take their Red Cross volunteerism to the next level.

With only 1 Field Ambassador per region, these volunteers serve as liaisons between their local region and the National Youth Council, promoting monthly national initiatives and working closely with local chapters and clubs to develop youth programs.

The Field Ambassadors work as a cohort to plan social media campaigns, spread information about opportunities for Red Cross youth and report to their National Youth Council member liaison with regional updates regarding youth volunteers.

Apply to become a Field Ambassador today! Application Steps and more information provided here.

Here’s what a few former Field Ambassadors have said about their experience with the program:

“It’s given me a lot of fun experiences, especially talking to other students and adults invested in the Red Cross. Before becoming a Field Ambassador, I had little contact with my chapter but now I have a more in-depth relationship. It feels good to know that I’ve left a mark on my chapter.” — Sujai Jaipalli

“It’s going well and I’m definitely more active than I was before. My past two years with the Red Cross have been isolated to just my club, but now I have a broader perspective and would like to continue through college. The program is quite advantageous.” — Megan Zachariah

“The program is really great. I get to see Red Cross come together in a national level and bigger perspective. Before that, my involvement was just local. Now I’m reaching out to not just my chapter, but all 10 chapters. I’ve been helping out with resources and connecting presidents.” — Amisha Chowdhury


What are the exact responsibilities of a Field Ambassador?


Field Ambassadors have a knowledge of local clubs and regions specific youth programs. They share information with the National Youth Council and to the field, promote national initiatives, and work closely with regional contacts to expand youth opportunities and involvement in the field.

Key Responsibilities:

The goal of the partnership between Field Ambassadors and the National Youth Council is to engage and connect youth volunteers in the field, create a positive experience with the National Youth Council, recognize outstanding volunteers, understand the many different types of youth Red Cross leadership positions, take initiative to increase local youth involvement, and standardize the procedure for youth programs. Field Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Maintain an active relationship with region; continue submitting volunteer hours under your regional position as well as Field Ambassador position
  • Complete and submit monthly reports with regional updates regarding youth programs and Red Cross Clubs
  • Attend monthly conference calls with National Youth Council
  • Attend monthly Field Ambassador conference calls
  • Working in collaboration with the regional Youth Engagement Team, ensure that all regional Red Cross Clubs are active and registered in Volunteer Connection
  • Maintain an updated contact list of Red Cross youth volunteer information
  • Identify, plan and implement one (1) project to build local youth programs with regional approval and support

Time Commitment:

10 hours per month

  • Monthly conference calls with the National Youth Council and other Field Ambassadors
  • Filing monthly reports
  • Supporting local Clubs
  • Updating and receiving updates from your local region
  • Project planning
  • Promoting national initiatives


  • High school student
  • Registered in Volunteer Connection
  • At least one (1) year of Red Cross volunteer experience
  • Experience with Red Cross Clubs or volunteers in a role that supports youth engagement
  • Resume Required


Upon acceptance, the National Youth Council will host an onboarding call for upcoming Field Ambassadors where they’ll learn how to properly engage with their chapter, how to report information, and how to serve as a liaison between the national and regional levels.


Reports to the National Youth Council. Field Ambassadors receive individualized support from the National Youth Council for regional activities and youth programs.

Length of Appointment:

October 2021 – June 2022

Development Opportunities:

  • Learn and practice professional development skills such as leadership, project and time management, marketing, public speaking, business writing, networking, etc.
  • Potential of having your project make an impact on regional and enterprise-wide youth engagement
  • Connectivity to a global network of youth and youth supporters
  • Professional development workshops hosted by the National Youth Council, advisors, or guest speakers
  • Conference calls
  • Working remotely
  • Data management with Excel, Word, Asana, etc.


Where can I learn more about the current Field Ambassadors?

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What is the Field Ambassador experience?

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Contact the National Youth Council at [email protected].

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