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Mission of the National Collegiate Assembly

The National Collegiate Assembly (NCA) is a network of Collegiate Red Cross Clubs and their Chapters. This network facilitates communication and builds partnerships within its seven divisions across the nation via monthly Connect Calls.

The NCA allows the Red Cross to demonstrate the capability of collegiate clubs, to fully integrate the Red Cross mission into all club activities, to contribute to the success of national initiatives, and to track the impact of club activities.


Vision of the National Collegiate Assembly

The work of the NCA shall be to:

  • Communicate and Network to create a support structure between chapter-club units in each division.  Collect, write, and distribute resources, toolkits, and best practices from across the division and distribute them throughout the country.
  • Facilitate and catalyze national initiatives. Help to interconnect Red Cross Clubs and their Chapter units to each other.


Objectives of the National Collegiate Assembly

  • Communicate via monthly divisional conference calls with support from the National Youth Council and club-chapter units in each division.
  • Encourage participation in division-wide events by coordinating and promoting remote activities during the same time.
  • Encourage Clubs to register on Volunteer Connection. This online tool provides a great way to share Club information and search for Clubs within the division.


Audience of the National Collegiate Assembly

Collegiate Red Cross Club student leadership and Club advisors are encouraged to participate in their divisional monthly calls.


Join a Connect Call

Connect Calls are designed to facilitate student networking and the sharing of best practices.  They are held on a monthly basis on pre-planned dates within each division through Hub Clubs. Hub Clubs are the Red Cross Chapter and Collegiate Club Unit that serves as the leadership point of contact for colleges and chapters in its division. This leadership unit is made up of a partnership between a chosen National Collegiate Officer (NCO) and the chapter contact. The divisional Hub Club’s NCO serves as the call’s moderator. The NCOs from each Hub Club along with their Chapter Contacts provide peer-to-peer leadership, promote collaboration, offer support and share best practices with other collegiate clubs in their division,

 If you want to learn more about getting involved with the National Collegiate Assembly please contact the National Youth Engagement Team at [email protected].  

Get Involved with the NCA!

We welcome you to join our collegiate network and get involved!

The National Collegiate Assembly is preparing for the 2021-2022 school year. Please email [email protected] if you would like to be added to the informational email list for your division as the school year begins.


Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection