Presentations for Red Cross Clubs

The Red Cross has created presentations for Red Cross Club leaders to present to their clubs during meetings. Topics include how to fundraise, how to seek school administrative approval to start a Red Cross club, and more. See our presentations below:

New Youth Volunteers Presentation: A primer on the Red Cross for new youth volunteers.

American Red Cross 1.0 (PPT)

Red Cross Primer Presentation: A review of Red Cross priorities and opportunities for experienced youth volunteers.

American Red Cross 2.0 (PPT)

How to Start a Red Cross Club Presentation: A presentation for Red Cross units to explain how to start a Red Cross Club.

How to Start a Red Cross Club Presentation (PPT)

Red Cross Club Presentation for School Administration: A presentation to introduce and explain Red Cross Clubs to school administration. Use when seeking approval from school administration to start a Red Cross Club. There is also a presentation regarding Red Cross Clubs and how they can be strengthened.

Red Cross Club Presentation for School Administration (PDF)

Red Cross Club Presentation for School Administration Facilitators Script

School Club Panel (PPT)

Youth Advisor Presentation: A presentation directed at youth advisers that want to develop partnerships to maximize their effectiveness in the community.

Synergistic Partnerships (PPT)

Fundraising Presentations: A presentation with tips on how to host a successful fundraiser for the American Red Cross, and an overview of fundraising options available to youth programs.

How to Fundraise Presentation (PDF)

How to Fundraise Facilitators Script 

Fundraising 101 (PPT)

Measles Initiative Presentation: A presentation on the history of the Measles Initiative and its progress through 2009, with additional advocacy and campaign videos.

Measles Initiative (PPT)

Measles Advocate Video

Madagascar Campaign Video

Service to the Armed Forces Toolkit: Originally used for a “United We Serve” Project, this toolkit provides examples of what youth can do to serve the armed forces.

United We Serve SAF Toolkit (PDF)

Storm the Dorms Presentation: A presentation by the UCLA Red Cross Club on emergency preparedness

Storm the Dorms: Emergency Preparedness for Colleges (PPT)

Storytelling Cookbook Reference: A reference for youth programs that use social media tools (e.g. YouTube, WordPress) to relate the story of what the Red Cross means to individuals and communities.

Storytelling Cookbook (PDF)

Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection