Red Cross Club Toolkits

One of the many ways to become a Red Cross volunteer is to start or join a Red Cross Club.

A Red Cross Club is a group that provides you and your peers with opportunities to make a meaningful impact by addressing your community’s greatest needs and developing leadership skills. Red Cross Clubs empower you with knowledge and life-saving skills in order to help prepare your school and community to respond to emergencies. To learn more about how to start or to maintain a successful Red Cross Club, see our toolkits below or contact your local Red Cross chapter:


            Club in a Box: A toolkit to help you start a Red Cross Club

            Red Cross Clubs: Service Project Ideas

            Red Cross Clubs: Planning your own Projects

            Red Cross Clubs: Working with Local Red Cross Unit

            Red Cross Clubs: Recruit Retain Recognize Club Members

            Red Cross Clubs: Planning your Red Cross Club Year

            Red Cross Clubs: Club Meetings

Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection