Youth & Young Adult Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit

The American Red Cross values the diversity of its workforce, its suppliers, and its partners. We recognize the power of harnessing collective similarities and differences that help equip our organization and its people to deliver on the Red Cross mission of service in a manner that is both sensitive and culturally competent.


We demonstrate our commitment to diversity by being open and inclusive, and we leverage the strength found in the rich diversity we foster both internally and beyond our doors. Our inclusive culture extends to valuing diversity of thought, backgrounds, experiences and culture. This allows us to work locally with others across the country to develop and deliver lifesaving services to the diverse communities we serve.


The National Youth Council is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all the work we do. We have put together this toolkit to help our Red Cross Clubs across the country in discussions related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Being guided by our Seven Fundamental Principles, our Red Cross Clubs should be a welcome space for all as we deliver on our lifesaving mission.


This toolkit is comprised of four parts: 1) overview documents related to the American Red Cross’ commitment to diversity & inclusion; 2) Youth Diversity Pledge–this toolkit centers around one of our favorite activities, the Youth Diversity Pledge; 3) Additional Interactive Activities & Helpful Guides; and 4) Resources for Red Cross Club Leaders. As you engage with these activities, send your event recaps/photos to [email protected]. We want to join you as your Red Cross Club celebrates diversity and inclusion!


Overview Documents

Red Cross Seven Fundamental Principles: The American Red Cross is part of the global Red Cross and Red Crescent network, which works to prevent and alleviate human suffering around the world. This network includes national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies like the American Red Cross in almost every country; the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which coordinates international assistance; and the International Committee of the Red Cross, which focuses exclusively on areas of armed conflict. The network is united by a shared commitment to the fundamental principles.

American Red Cross Diversity Mission & Vision Statement: This document lists mission and vision statements directly related to diversity and inclusion.


Youth Diversity Pledge

The National Youth Council created this helpful guide to facilitating a session with Red Cross youth and young adult volunteers to discuss the Red Cross Diversity Pledge and to sign a pledge document. This pledge was created to empower youth and young adults to be advocates and leaders for the American Red Cross through education surrounding diversity and inclusion issues faced by the organization. As volunteers, we can best serve our diverse communities by celebrating our differences and learning about what makes each of us unique. By being constantly and consistently mindful of the people around us, we can create a positive volunteer environment for both the people we volunteer alongside and the communities we serve.

The Youth Diversity Pledge Facilitation Guide includes an agenda, and script plus a follow along video that facilitators can use throughout the session.

Session Time: 45-60 minutes

Youth Diversity Pledge Virtual Activity Guide

Youth Diversity Pledge Follow-Along Video


Additional Interactive Activities & Helpful Guides

Inclusion Guidelines for Individuals: Use this helpful guide for further details about how you as an individual can practice inclusion in your daily volunteer roles. We all need to be intentional about creating an inclusive work environment by ensuring that we are demonstrating inclusive behaviors.

Diversity Icebreakers: Looking to start a meeting or event on the right foot? Check out these fun icebreakers related to diversity and inclusion.

“Sharing My Story” Exercise:  This engaging activity helps participants realize that everyone has a story. Tell that story as a group. Share what makes you unique and diverse! Can’t think of what to say? Check out the sample provided as a great example.


Additional Learning

EDGE Trainings 

If you’re new to this platform, check out this guide to EDGEThen you can search through to find some of these trainings:  

  • Difficult Conversations 
  • Cultural Competency Series: 
  • Time to Pivot – Inclusion from Remote (April 2020) 
  • COVID Impact in Indian Country and the American Red Cross Partnership Response (May 2020) 
  • From COVID-19 to George Floyd – Exploring Our Emotions and Moving Forward with Intention and Purpose (June 2020) 
  • Black Leadership Experiences in Red Cross Mission Delivery – a Panel Discussion (July 2020) 
  • The Value of Allies to Diverse Groups (August 2020) 
  • LULAC and the State of Latinx Communities in the Face of COVID-19 and Civil Awakening (September 2020) 
  • See Us! Native Americans in Search of Inclusion (November Cultural Competency Series session) 
  • The Importance of Disability Identity in Disaster Response (October 2020) 
  • “Social Injustice Compounded – Racial Minorities in the LGBTQ+ Community” (December 2020) 
  • “The Effects of Racism, Trauma and Chronic Stress on Health” (February 2020) 


Resources for Red Cross Club Leaders

Teamwork Tips: American Red Cross President & CEO, Gail McGovern, shares her top five tips on teamwork. As you host activities and discussions related to diversity and inclusion, work as a team to develop engaging and inclusive events.

Tips for Facilitating Challenging Conversations: This guide may be useful as you prepare to host activities that may seem challenging to facilitate. These basic tips can help create a welcoming and open environment for all Club members.

Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection