1. Learn the Facts

Visit for general updates or the Red Cross online newsroom to access current information on disaster response and recovery, as well as photos, videos and audio from volunteers and staff on the ground.

2. Raise Awareness
The Red Cross has great resources to build an online presence. Share these through your Facebook or MySpace profiles, blogs and websites.

Audio Clips
Flickr Sign Campaign Tools
I’m Initiative
Public Service Advertisements

3. Recruit, Fundraise and Donate

Fundraiser Ideas
Consider using these Fundraising Ideas that have been submitted by youth volunteers. Alternatively, use these suggestions from National Headquarters.

Send a Personal Email
Ask someone you know to donate. Explain why the Red Cross is important to you.

Add Red Cross flair to your Facebook page or recruit and fundraise with your friends through the Causes application.

Donate through

Donate securely through the Red Cross website.

Remember to thank the donors, and if you can, make a small donation yourself. Disasters change lives. You can too.

20 Responses

    • i want to help but how?

      • Hello Lyn,
        In terms of fundraising, there are numerous ways you can help. You can raise money for the relief of current disasters, to help eradicate measles through the Measles Initiative (, and you can raise money for specific program areas of the American Red Cross, like our Service to the Armed Forces. For the most specific information and for help with your fundraising, I suggest you contact your local American Red Cross chapter!

        - Alison Inceu, [email protected].

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  2. My son is 13 ½ years old and is very interested in American Red Cross Youth Services. He wishes to become involved in disaster assistance and emergency services. We live in the Washington, DC suburbs.

    How can my son best get involved with the American Red Cross?

    Rick Seiden

    • Hi Rick, that’s great to hear. Search for the website of the National Capitol Chapter in DC – the local chapter has a volunteer orientation in which he’ll be able to learn about different opportunities for involvement and ask questions to local staff. If he wants to share his story at any point, let him know that we’d love to post his thoughts on our youth blog!

  3. [...] Cross ci tengono a far crescere bene i loro giovani, c’è una sezione apposita dedicata al fundraising: dove si possono trovare i widgets e i banner, scaricare poster da stampare, idee per attività di [...]

  4. I am 16, and for my Sr. project, i would like to volunteer for the red cross, i was thinking about doing a fundraiser and maybe organizing a blood drive at my school, where can i get more information for this

    Thank you,

  5. [...] gioventù dell’American Red Cross ha fatto un bel lavoro: dalla pagina del loro sito dedicata al fundraising (e ce n’è molto on line) si possono scaricare banner, widgets, dispense e idee varie, per [...]

  6. Hi my name is ashley i am 17 years old.I want to help red cross for the people.I was looking for stuff like candy ect.I could sell to help red cross.People told me there selling the candy to help red cross.I CAN SELL A LOT OF IT.If i can find out if red cross does it.

  7. Hello,
    My children are going around our neighborhood collecting money for the disaster in Japan. They are going to give it through the Red Cross. My question is how do we give the money in the names of the people who gave. Alot of them are wanting receipts for their donations.
    Thank you,
    Brandy Vance

  8. I teach a Japanese class and my students recently organized a fundraiser to raise money for earthquake and tsunami victims. I know how to donate the money they’ve raised, but I was wondering if there’s any way to get a “Thank you” certificate or something similar from the red cross as a way for my students to see that their donation has been received and appreciated. Maybe it’s too much to ask, but please let me know. Thanks!

    • Hi Juli,

      Thanks for posting up. We would be happy to get something out to you. I will reach out via email.

  9. hello, redcross members, I’m a student at The Art Intutide of Charlotte. An i would like to do a fashion show fundraiser for the homeless and our young youth education. An wouldd be and honor to donate were the money is need to help others. I’m a young lady who has been cooking for the homeless for the past 8 years on my own me and my 2 kids, so i just wanted to no how can this happen. thank you ..Linda carmichael ….

  10. What a great resource for fundraising ideas!

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