Join the National Collegiate Assembly!

Applications for the National Collegiate Assembly are OPEN until September 15th. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Please scroll this page to understand the application steps, timeline, and position responsibilities for this great leadership opportunity! Questions may be directed to Allie Wise, National Collegiate Assembly National Advisor [email protected]



The National Collegiate Assembly is made up of 6 Collegiate Red Cross Club Leaders, one from each division. Each National Collegiate Officer is supported by a divisional advisor. We connect monthly to best support our college Red Cross Clubs across the nation.


The National Collegiate Assembly is looking for Collegiate Red Cross Club Leaders to support their division. This is a remote (volunteer-from-home opportunity) that also requires volunteering with your divisional advisor and hosting monthly calls. Candidates who have had at least a year of experience with the Red Cross and are passionate about furthering the Red Cross mission on collegiate campuses are encouraged to apply.


Application Steps


Application Timeline


Position Description


  • Host monthly divisional conference calls in collaboration with the National Youth Council.
  • Participate in a monthly national call with the other NCOs and report out division updates. Calls led by National Collegiate Assembly Staff Advisor.
  • Recruit active collegiate Red Cross Clubs to participate and spread the word about Divisional Calls and national youth initiatives.
  • Communication with division clubs and serve as a subject matter expert for youth engagement. Collect and share best practices across each division and the country.
  • Support and promote national initiatives within the division.
  • Timely response (within 48 hours) to all communication.


  • Active Red Cross Volunteer for at least 1 Year (Volunteer Connection Account)
  • Current Collegiate Red Cross Club Leader
  • Desire to help support other Red Cross Clubs
  • Comfortable working remotely
  • Self Motivated
  • Experience leading meetings is a plus


Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection