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Apply for the 2011 Navin Narayan College Scholarship

The application for the 2011 Navin Narayan College Scholarship is now available!

Both a Rhodes Scholar and a Harvard graduate, Navin Narayan was a high achieving student as well as a dedicated, compassionate, and innovative American Red Cross volunteer. Navin served many roles in the American Red Cross, including National Youth Council Chair. Tragically, at the age of 23, Navin succumbed to cancer.

Since 2001, the National Youth Council has continued Navin Narayan’s legacy of volunteerism and academic excellence by awarding the Navin Narayan College Scholarship to a high school senior who embodies his principles.

About the Navin Narayan College Scholarship

This scholarship is a one-time award of $2,500 paid directly to one recipient upon proof of matriculation.

The applicant must:

  • Be a high school senior
  • Be planning to attend a four-year college or university
  • Have served a minimum of two years as a Red Cross volunteer

The on-line application package consists of three parts:

Each of the three documents comprising the application package are accompanied by specific instructions to ensure completeness of the application. No additional materials will be accepted. Official high school transcripts are not required at the time of submission but may be requested later in the process.

All application materials must be emailed to [email protected] by Friday, February 11, 2011 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact Seungjun Kim at [email protected].

Donate to the Navin Narayan College Scholarship Fund
Navin Narayan, a former chair of the National Youth Council, was a dedicated, compassionate and innovative youth volunteer and leader. Tragically, at the age of 23, Navin lost his battle with a rare form of cancer. In 2000, the National Youth Council established a college scholarship in Navin’s memory. The scholarship provides financial aid to one college-bound high school student who, like Navin, demonstrates excellence in Red Cross volunteerism and academics. Through this scholarship, Navin Narayan continues to inspire a new generation of Red Cross volunteers.

2010 marks the ten-year anniversary of Navin’s death, and serves as an opportunity to reflect on his life, his accomplishments, and his legacy. By giving to the scholarship fund, you ensure that Navin’s legacy continues well beyond his lifetime. The contributions of youth volunteers who excel academically, are passionate about public service, and possess strong leadership skills, are recognized and rewarded through the Navin Narayan College Scholarship.

Donate to the Navin Narayan College Scholarship Fund!

About Navin Narayan

Navin Narayan

Navin Narayan began his involvement with the Red Cross when he was only 14 years old by cleaning manikins used to teach CPR and quickly sought ways to become more and more involved. As national disaster relief volunteer and trainer, international speaker on human rights, and tireless advocate for Red Cross causes, Navin changed the way youth are now connected to the American Red Cross.

While devoting his time to service through the Red Cross, Navin also excelled academically, graduating valedictorian of his high school, earning a summa cum laude in Social Studies at Harvard University, and winning a Rhodes Scholarship. While both his service and academic records were excellent, it was the kind of human being he was that set Navin apart. His willingness to always put others ahead of himself and constant eagerness to learn made him a truly unique, humble and respected individual.

Diagnosed in his junior year of high school, Navin succumbed to cancer at the age of 23. Although his life was short, he lived it with such dignity that his legacy lives on through those he served, particularly his fellow youth volunteers of the American Red Cross. In 2001, the American Red Cross began offering a scholarship in Navin’s name, the only national scholarship award within the organization. Each year, up to two high school seniors who best exemplify Navin’s legacy are selected for this scholarship. Past recipients have shown keen intellect, a compassionate heart, a history of service to the American Red Cross, and a dedication to serve the American Red Cross throughout their lives. These individuals are recognized within the organization, and monetary aid is provided to them to assist with the costs of attending college.

Past recipients of the Navin Narayan College Scholarship


37 Responses

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  2. This scholarship could be a really be a blessing for me and my family. it will motivate to reach my goal to became a physical therapist and i don’t have much money to reach my goal but, i never give up and i am a hard worker. so please help. God bless you

  3. Dear Red Cross,
    I am sincerely interested in applying for any scholarships you have available for 2010. I have volunteered for the Red Cross each of my high school years and am seeking a career in an area of service to others (Social Work, medicine, education). Please keep me posted as to when the application is out. Thank you.
    Colleen Traub

  4. Is the youth video contest still up and running?

    • It is not currently up. Look out for our photo contest coming out for National Youth Involvement Month (November) though!

  5. My name is Andrew Luna, I am currently attending undergraduate at SUNY Old Westbury College. I have created a Red Cross club with permission by the New Yrk State Red Cross. We are doing well. The question iI have is can I apply for the scholarship?

  6. The scholarship has been given only given to graduating high school seniors. Unfortunately, we currently have not established any type of scholarship for college students.

  7. Sorry Raichelle the Red Cross doesn’t offer any assistance like that.

  8. Hi, I am currently an undergrad student at the university of missouri and I received a red cross scholarship through my high school of $500. I was wondering if it was renewable or if it was a one time payment?

  9. Thank you very much for the wonderful work you are doing. I am the programme Officer of a National Youth serving NGO in Sierra Leone and we are currently working to supporting out of school girls in Sierra Leone who were greatly disturbed by the war in Sierra Leone through loss of parents, armed conflict as victims / perpetrator and some are currently in Primary schools. Grateful if you can send me information on how we can form partnership or alliance to help out this needy children. Nothing is too small to eduacte a girl child in Sierra Leone. looking forward to hearing from you.

  10. Thank you Steven for your comment, as of right now the scholarship is only availible for US citizens.

  11. In the past the Red Cross Youth group sold ARC tote bags that were black with the Red Cross name and logo in red crystals. Do you still have any of these bags available for sale? I f so please let me know how to order them.

    thank y ou

  12. is the scholorship open to people in other countries?

  13. Do you give scholarships to high school students going on trips for exceptional students?

  14. I ‘m a volonteer of Rwandan Red Cross at KIGALI INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION .I get a few formation about first aids and i need to cooperate with someone .i mean ( friendship) ,in order togain alotof information about Red Cross.

    E-mail:[email protected]
    Phone number:+250788805638

    Thanks .

  15. congraturation for your benevolatia action.
    as a volunteer, i need to cooperate with someone (to create a freindship)
    my e-mail:[email protected]

  16. I am from Sri lanka. I like this…..

  17. You said that there is only one scholarship recipient. Is that one recipient in the whole US, or one in each state?


  19. My name is Jessika Kneedler, I am a senior in high school looking for different scholarships when I crossed your page. I am very much interested in this scholarship because I had been working with the Red Cross since I was in 8th grade. I was in a venturing crew that worked with the red cross. We were Crew 9-1-1 and we all had to be medically trained and we trained others as well. In just wilderness first aid basics, I have over 500 hours of community service. I am trained to teach basic aid training to 4th thur 6th graders. But really I was wondering if you will be doing the scholarship again this year?

  20. Hello Jessika,
    Unfortunately, we will not be conducting the Navin Narayan Scholarship this year. I would suggest you contact your local Red Cross chapter to see what local scholarship opportunities there may be available to you. I would also utilize to search for scholarships you qualify for.
    Good luck and keep in touch! – Alison, NYC member.

  21. When Arcs arrenge a short tour for FATA youth pls must rep
    my id address is [email protected]

  22. Hi my name is Jeewon Lee. I am a current Red Cross volunteer. I volunteered in Red Cross in South Korea for a year and a half. And I volunteered in American Red Cross for about 7 months. Am I eligible for this scholarships?

  23. What a great tribute to Navin Narayan to establish this scholarship fund.

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