We are building a gallery of Word, PDF and Powerpoint documents created by local programs and National Headquarters in order to assist with your youth program’s development.  To stay informed of the latest Red Cross youth resources, join Red Cross YouthWire today.

Please send the site administrator any resources that you believe have been invaluable to your program. We would love promotional literature, strategic guidelines, Leadership Development Camp (LDC) information, activities, new program ideas, engaging chapter youth blogs and so forth.

I. Resources from
Elementary and Middle Schools
High Schools

II. Chapter Youth Blogs From around the Country
Southeastern Michigan Chapter
Oregon Pacific Chapter
Santa Barbara County Chapter

III. Road to Fondwa
Learn more about this informative, moving film and how to organize a screening in your area as a fundraiser for Haiti Relief Efforts.
Road to Fondwa

IV. Haitian Call to Action

Use this one pager to learn more about the best ways to support Haiti relief efforts through text messaging and other creative ideas.
Haitian Call to Action

V. H1N1 (Swine) Flu Resources

Red Cross Club H1N1 Youth Info Sheet

Flu Tear Sheet – English

Flu Tear Sheet – Spanish

H1N1 College News Release Template

H1N1 College Letter to Editor Template

VI. International Opportunities

Many international opportunities are available for American Red Cross youth, young adults and young professionals. Please visit the International Opportunities page for details.

VII. Social Media

Social Media Toolkit

• Explains what these tools and communities are
• Teaches you to monitor what is being said in these online locations so that you may better understand
and protect the reputation of your National Society
• Empowers you to use social media tools to promote your work and inspire people to support
• Provides concrete examples and best practices of social media campaigns

Through web-based tools that are collectively called social media, volunteers, donors and members of the general public are interacting with each other in new and exciting ways. The most well known examples are blogs and social networks, like Facebook and MySpace, but there is much more to social media.  Learn and do more with social media!

VIII. Be Red Cross Ready – College Edition (Red Cross Club at UCLA)

Storm the Dorms (.ppt)

Bring preparedness info to your college campus with this revised presentation!

IX. World Red Cross and Red Crescent Youth Meeting 2009 (Solferino, Italy)

Youth Leadership (.ppt)
Youth Leadership (.pdf)
Presentation for all Red Cross and Red Crescent societies about youth leadership theory and practice.

X. Measles Initiative
Measles Initiative
The latest information about the Measles Initiative for general audiences.

Measles Advocate Video
Used in presentation above. Youth advocating for Measles Initiative fundraising.

Madagascar Campaign Video
Used in presentation above. Shows highlights of campaign in Madagascar in 2007.

XI. United We Serve

Talking Points
Official Red Cross messaging and a summary of the United We Serve Initiative.

United We Serve Toolkit SAF
A guide from Service to the Armed Forces with ways for youth to get involved in the United We Serve Initiative.

United We Serve Toolkit International Services
Project ideas and ways to get involved with International Services during your summer of service.

XII. Fundraising

Visit our dedicated section for up-to-date information, ideas and resources to support the Red Cross.

XIII. Youth in Disaster Services

Download the manual here.
A guide to provide ideas and guidance for meaningful involvement of youth volunteers in disaster preparedness and response.

XIV. Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership Manual.
A guide to empower youth volunteers to serve as effective leaders for their clubs.

Creating Opportunities for Youth
A guide tailored towards increasing young adult involvement and leadership at local chapters.

XV. Presentations and Handouts from the National Youth Institute 2009

American Red Cross 1.0
An updated primer on the Red Cross for new youth volunteers.

American Red Cross 2.0
An updated review of Red Cross priorities and opportunities for experienced youth volunteers.

Fundraising 101
An excellent overview of fundraising, including donor motivation, making an effective case and the different options available to youth programs.

Fundraising Action Planning Part 1
Action Planning Worksheet
A step-by-step workshop for evaluating and developing a complete action plan to support club or chapter fundraising priorities.

Fundraising Action Planning Part 2
A follow-up to the earlier session. Participants leave the session with a complete and actionable fundraising plan.

School Club Panel
A presentation regarding school clubs: what they are, how they can be strengthened and how to maximize their impact on the Red Cross mission.

Storytelling Cookbook
A reference for youth programs that use social media tools – like YouTube, Utterli and WordPress – to help relate the story of what the Red Cross means to individuals and communities.

Synergistic Partnerships
A presentation directed at youth advisers that want to develop partnerships to maximize their effectiveness in the community.

XVI. Presentations and Handouts from the National Youth Institute 2008

NYI Booklet
A PDF file of the National Youth Institute booklet for more information about the conference, its curriculum and contact information for presenters.

Making the Case Outline
A document to assist facilitators teach volunteers “Making the Case,” empowering them to successfully argue for Red Cross involvement to internal and external audiences.

The Case for Youth Involvement
A presentation that reviews the principal steps in making a case.

Making the Case Skit
Document with a scripted skit to be incorporated into the “Making the Case” presentation.

American Red Cross 1.0
A presentation for beginning volunteers with the Red Cross to orient them to the history of the organization, national and international issues associated with the movement, and possibilities for involvement in each of the five lines of service.

American Red Cross 2.0
A presentation for experienced youth volunteers to make the most out of their time with the Red Cross and take their service to a new level.

Developing an Action Plan Part 1
A document that assists facilitators to work with groups of youth to build a “Wish List” of changes in their service delivery and then pick a principle gap to address.

Developing an Action Plan Part 2
A presentation that allows youth volunteers to address their service gap by developing detailed, ready-to-use action plans.

Developing an Action Plan – Presenter Notes
A document to help facilitators present the second section of “Developing an Action Plan.”

NYI 2008 Action Plan
A document that outlines the objective, goals, expenses, etc. of the 2008 National Youth Institute, providing a real-life application of skills learned in “Developing an Action Plan.”

Free Online Resources
A QuickTime presentation that reviews key points about blogging, including how to contribute a successful post to, and then summarizes free resources on the internet that can improve the reach and efficiency of your youth program.

XVII. Sample Documents from the Youth Toolkit

For more documents and several dozen video interviews, please visit the Youth Toolkit homepage.

Guide to Mentoring Youth
A document with an overview of how to serve as an effective mentor to your youth club or program.

Student Steps for Starting a Club
A PDF document with an overview of how to build a successful club from scratch.

Mission-Driven Youth Volunteer Positions
A document with an overview of how to create positions for your dedicated youth volunteers that fit into the Red Cross lines of service delivery.

XVIII. Presentations from the California Disaster Readiness Conference Youth Track

Youth in Disaster Services
High School Club Operations
College Club Operations

XIX. Resources from the 2nd World Summit on Youth Volunteering (Barranquilla, Colombia): “Learn How to Move from Volunteers to Volunteerism: A Strategic Approach from the American Red Cross”

Los Recursos del Segundo Cumbre Mundial de Voluntariado Juvenil (Barranquilla, Colombia): «Aprendan como Avanzar de Volutarios Juveniles al Voluntariado Juvenil en Su Organización: Una Estratégia de la Cruz Roja Americana»

Session Presentation (English)
Session Handout (English)
Menu of Opportunities (English)

Post your Action Prompts from the session on our Facebook page (include the tag #redcrossyouthsummit11).


26 Responses

  1. The NYI 2008 was really informative and it was a great way to network with all the chapters across the US, and Canada. I really enjoy the resources you have online so that I can refer to them when sharing this info with my chapter.

    I look forward to the next one and I hope that I can help in some way with planning and setting up the NYI 2009.

    Congratulations on awesome NYI and for having a great website!!

  2. just happen to bump ito this site while searching some info on youth, but i guess fate was on my side, becouse i have reant alot from the documents you posted on this site am so impressed, am a youth leader at my church and these will help me in the ministry, unfotunately i never heard of such clubs(red cross)here, i live in malawi, central me how to start one, i will be honoured. i once happen to be involved in a road accident when i was a kid, i lost a lot of blood, if it wasnt for one donor whom i never know, i would not have been here today, my relatives heard about the accident after 6 hours, which could have been too late to have them give me blood, am a donor myself becouse i know the importance of giving blood, thanx red cross for such iniciatives…. an a living testimony.

  3. Was really excited about my new job as a youth coordinator for red cross fiji branch and was searching the net on programmes and strategic plans when i come across this wonderful site. It has really helped me and informed me well about the task that is ahead of me. Please do send youth programmes and school based activities regarding involving youth and school students in this programme. Well wishes and good luck in future endeavours.

  4. Hi, thank y’all so much for have resources available to start school clubs and such! However, after making a club, it says to register it nationally on, and I have no idea where the link to register school clubs is, or if it still exists. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for these great resources.
    I’ve been involved in the Red Cross for about a year and a half now as a youth volunteer, but didn’t know about the seemingly endless resources that are open to us :) It’s extremely encouraging to go through these links and see how organized and involved the youth movement is.
    I look forward to using some of these powerpoints to spread the word about the Red Cross!!

    Thank you so much!

  6. Red Cross is great. Do a blod drive in Charleston please!

  7. Its realy great to have such empowering informative resource.I do believe that the world can realize a difference if only information is shared.

    The team that has devoted contributing and enriching others is realy a wonderful team that must be geared towards a developed future for human kind.

    I look forward to have the same information shared with young generation back here in Kenya.

    Red Cross youth will always do wonders and achieve the very best ever.

    Thanks alot fellow Red Crossers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Is it possible under Resources to have chapter youth blogs listed, similar to the national blog listing chapter blog sites? I think this would be a tremendous resource for us youth coordinators to be able to see what other chapters are doing.


  9. Here is the youth blog for the Indianapolis Red Cross.

  10. hello,
    I’m from Germany. Here is a red cross youth, too. I’m in so a group. And I do a presentation about my group and your group. Can you help me? can you give me some information about you? I hope so!
    Thanks Tina

  11. Are there going to be any more youth chats?

    • Hi Laura,

      There are no youth chats planned for the month of November but they will be coming in the near future. Be on the lookout for updates via Youth Wire, this website, and our newly launched Facebook page.

      The National Youth Council

  12. i would love to be apart of the red cross center i wanna be able to help anyway i can this is a way i could change my life while changeing another plz i would like a number to contact

  13. Subject: Cape Cod and Islands Chapter, American Red Cross- Question on Youth Education!

    My name is Andrea Brown and I am currently apart of an AmeriCorps Program serving on Cape Cod. I am currently serving as the Disaster Education Coordinator at the Cape Cod and Islands Chapter of the American Red Cross. Through my position, I develop and present programs on Disaster Preparedness information including Hurricane, Fire, Flood , and Winter Safety. I also develop presentations catered to specific populations and groups within the community. Still, my focus within the program is Youth Education.

    My question is this: I am currently developing a program for children based off of the Red Cross Psychological First Aid course. The purpose of the program is provide children with a fun and interactive way to learn appropriate ways to cope with disaster related trauma. I have been doing research on the topic, and have been unable to find any type of previous Red Cross program on this topic and I was wondering if you knew of any/where I could search to find information on this. I have searched through CrossNet and have been unable to find anything besides the Masters of Disasters “Facing Fear” program which has been discontinued.

    Any information on this would be helpful!

  14. This post provided a helpful overview of the resources available. I especially appreciated the information on social media.

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