National Youth Involvement Month (NYIM)



Welcome to the official page of National Youth Involvement Month (NYIM) 2021! National Youth Involvement Month is one of the Red Cross National Youth Council’s most exciting and encompassing annual initiatives aiming to celebrate the accomplishments of Red Cross youth and young adult volunteers across the nation. Taking place in November, NYIM has a different theme each year, and this year’s is Serving with Passion.  

The goal this November is for you to explore the Red Cross’s various lines of service and mission while celebrating the great work our youth and young adult volunteers do to support the Red Cross.  

To encourage youth volunteers to engage within their regions, we will be spotlighting outstanding Clubs and individuals throughout the month of November on our Facebook and Instagram. To be featured on a spotlight, please look carefully at the details below. 

If you want to be spotlighted as a Club and/or Individual: 

Please submit the interest for linked below to receive updates and notifications from the National Youth Council regarding NYIM related activities. 

Interest Form 

Following your sign up for notifications, you will receive a link on November 1st to enter all of your Club activities for the month of November. As you coordinate and complete your events, please record the following details and remember to enter your hours in Volunteer Connection so we can verify your involvement: 

  1. The mission focus of the event (listed below)
  2. Number of Club members participating
  3. Pictures (so we can include them on our social media)
  4. Total hours volunteered (combined member hours)
  5. Outcomes, (Ex. 34 units of blood donated, 81 smoke alarms installed, 3 Club members who explored a new line of service, 42 individuals taught about preparedness) 

How Clubs and Individuals will be spotlighted: 

Outstanding Clubs and individuals will be selected and spotlighted based on event details entered through the submission form and alignment with the NYIM theme, Serving with Passion. 

Council-Hosted Events for NYIM: 

There will be in total 3 Council-hosted events for National Youth Involvement Month which are open to all nationwide youth and young adults. These events will be followed by a culminating NYIM Ceremony at the beginning of December to recognize and celebrate all participating youth. All Council-hosted events will have a guest speaker and participants must register ahead of time.

Youth Diversity Pledge

Come join the National Youth Council in engaging with diversity, equity, and inclusion on Sunday, November 7 from 5-6pm ET by RSVPing for our Youth Diversity Pledge! In this insightful session, we will discuss the role these themes have in our lives and how we can better practice them on a day-to-day basis.

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Virtual Missing MAPathon

On November 13, the National Youth Council will be hosting a Virtual Missing MAPathon event from 5-7pm ET. This event allows the Red Cross to understand less visible communities for at-risk populations or in vulnerable areas. Guest speaker and former NYIM lead, Candice Lee, will be joining us to speak more about her experience with NYIM and additional possibilities for interested volunteers. If you are interested, please RSVP to NYIM Virtual Missing MAPathon to receive more information and confirm your spot!

RSVP here:


IHL Education Night 

Did you know that Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, played a crucial role in the US’ signing of the Geneva Convention Peace Treaty? International humanitarian law (IHL) has always been an essential part of the Red Cross ethos.  Join the National Youth Council on November 20, from 5-6 PM ET, as we investigate the principles of IHL and cover subtopics like cultural property and education during wartime. We’ll be using various clips from your favorite IHL movies to foster a discussion and break down exactly why IHL is so important. See you there!

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NYIM Celebration

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Not sure where to start? No worries, we have a number of resources to guide you in selecting the right activity given your timeline, resources, and most of all passions! Take a look at the activities below to get an idea of how you can participate in NYIM! 

Submission Ideas According to Red Cross Mission Focuses: 

*Feasibility of certain activities will depend on COVID-19 restrictions within your region. Check with your local region before proceeding with an event. 

Mission Focus


Biomedical Services- address the critical need for blood by saving lives and helping collect blood donations 
  1. Hold a Blood Drive
  2. Tweets to Thank
  3. Iron Rich Feast
  4. Blood Services Volunteer
  5. Blood Donor Ambassador 
Disaster Cycle Services- focuses on the most urgent disaster response efforts as well as prevention and preparedness  
  1. Prepare and Share Kit Drive
  2. Virtual Fire Safety Canvassing
  3. Home Fire Campaign
  4. Prepare with Pedro
  5. Pillowcase Project
  6. Sound the Alarm 


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion- help demonstrate the Red Cross’s commitment to DEI, valuing diversity of thought, backgrounds, experiences, gender identities, sexual orientation, and cultures. 
  1. Red Cross Youth Diversity Pledge
  2. Youth & Young Adult Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Toolkit 
  3. From Military Life to the Civilian Experience: Common Challenges Veterans and Military Families Face in the Transition (November Cultural Competency Series)
Fundraising- advocate for causes you are passionate about through various campaigns 


  1. Change for Change
  2. Helping Hands
  3. Ready Relay
  4. Top Fundraising Ideas

  5. Mingle for a Mission
  6. Sponsored Volunteerism
  7. Zip Kits
  8. Red Cross Rocks: Battle of the Bands
  9. Battle of the Clubs
  10. Taste of Diversity

  11. Dodgeball Tournament 


International Services- partnered with the over 180 other national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies through emergency health services and external disaster response, to strengthen leadership, financial management, volunteer networks, and support the global movement 
  1. IHL in the Movies 
  2. Measles and Rubella Initiative Campaign
  3. Missing Maps MAPathon
  4. Raid Cross
  5. Vaccinate a Village 
Service to the Armed Forces- focuses on serving active service members, veterans, and their families 


  1. Totes of Hope
  2. Birthday Party for Veterans 


Training Services- provide opportunities to be trained in many of the most useful life skills to respond in a number of life-threatening scenarios 
  1. CPR, AED, First Aid classes 


Read more about the five lines of service at the links below: 

5 Lines of Service Fact Sheet 

An Overview of the Five Lines of Service 

Activity Guides 

Please feel free to explore events not listed here as it is merely a guide to give you and/or your Club some event ideas to pursue for NYIM. For example, holding a bake drive to raise funds for a disaster or coordinating a discussion or information session concerning Sickle Cell Awareness are completely acceptable and are encouraged, as long as they fall within the Red Cross mission.  

Please also keep in mind that your region can create their own NYIM outside of the National Youth Council-Sponsored NYIM . 

We hope that you explore these lines of service, if you have not already, to find an activity that captures your interests. Please check back on this page and follow our Instagram at @americanredcrossyouth and Facebook page at American Red Cross Youth Network to receive updates on NYIM 2021. If you have any questions, please direct them to [email protected]. 

We hope that you join us in encouraging youth and young adults to serve with their passions by participating in NYIM 2021! 

Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection