Apply to the National Youth Council

Applications for the National Youth Council (NYC) are now CLOSED. The next application cycle will open at the end of March 2022 for Members and winter of 2022 for Advisors. Questions may be directed to Ariana Deng, National Youth Council Vice-Chair, at [email protected]. Follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to stay up to date!


The National Youth Council consists of 13 youth and young adult volunteers from around the country, primarily high school, college, and young professional volunteers, as well as 2 adult unit paid or volunteer staff members who serve as Council advisors. The Council is supported by and works closely with the Youth and Young Adults team of Volunteer Services at National Headquarters.


The National Youth Council will be looking for youth volunteers between the ages of 16–22 to represent Red Cross youth at the national level. This is a remote (volunteer-from-home opportunity) that also requires volunteering with your local region and occasional travel when necessary. Candidates who have had at least two years of experience with the Red Cross and are passionate about furthering the Red Cross mission both locally and at the national level are encouraged to apply. This two-year commitment provides an extraordinary leadership experience and also allows youth to engage and grow youth involvement throughout the organization, all by leading national youth programs and initiatives that aim to integrate youth within the mission of the American Red Cross. Drawing upon the creativity, dedication, and energy of youth and young adults, the National Youth Council seeks to promote young volunteers as an organizational resource.



  • Represent the needs and advocate on behalf of the interests of youth and young adult volunteers
  • Make decisions and recommendations on issues presented to the NYC
  • Lead and participate in NYC projects and activities
  • Read and become familiar with all distributed materials
  • Maintain and/or establish communication and active participation with respective local Red Cross Region, National Headquarters, and other Departments
  • Engage with local volunteer position(s) in current Red Cross Region
  • Serve as role models for youth and young adults of the American Red Cross and responsibly demonstrate commitment to youth involvement for future Members
  • Uphold the mission, standards, and values of the American Red Cross
  • Attend and actively participate in all scheduled and special meetings including weekly Working Group Calls and biweekly All Council Calls
  • Ability to attend working meetings during evenings and weekends
  • Maintain a Red Cross email address for all National Youth Council business and respond to emails within 48 hours
  • Sign a yearly re-commitment to member responsibilities
  • Attend yearly in-person meeting (when applicable)



  • Current, registered Red Cross volunteer between the ages of 16–22 with a Volunteer Connection account that has been active for at least two years as of Sept. 30, 2021
  • Understanding the value of youth and young adult volunteers
  • Ability to provide leadership and support to ensure youth and young adult volunteers are productive and have a mutually rewarding experience
  • Experience working with and leading youth and young adults
  • Ability to listen and follow instructions
  • Willingness to learn and desire to make a difference
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Adaptability to accept direction and work independently and as part of a team
  • Professional, clear and diplomatic communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Comfortable working remotely using virtual communication platforms, such as Microsoft Teams
  • Cultural sensitivity to diverse audiences
  • Willingness to submit the following additional application materials (instructions will be provided during the interview process):
    • Preliminary screening questionnaire
    • Application, including a personal response in the form of an essay, video or presentation
    • Resume
    • Red Cross recommendation letter
    • Non-Red Cross recommendation letter


The National Youth Council also has adult youth supporters who serve advisors for the NYC. Advisors are often experienced field youth coordinators, Red Cross Unit Executives, and skilled volunteers / employees in a specific line of service delivery, with a commitment to advance youth involvement. During this two-year term, advisors facilitate leadership building for all NYC members and provide guidance and recommendations on all Council projects.


All members of the NYC lead national youth programs and initiatives that ultimately aim to integrate youth within the mission of the American Red Cross.


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