Biomedical Services Programs

Below are listed blood drive programs for various education levels. Contact your local Biomedical Services Region or Regional Volunteer Services Team to determine whether your local Red Cross participates in these programs.  

Pint-Size Hero & Future Blood Donor  

The Pint-Size Hero and Future Blood Donor programs are offered year-round to K-8 students. These programs teach students about the importance of donating blood, involve them in the process of planning a blood drive, and recognize them with a gift for recruiting donors. Students also learn valuable leadership skills and form a lifelong habit of being involved in blood donations.
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High School Program 

The High School Program offers an easy-to-organize way to give back to the community by hosting a blood drive. The program offers step by step instructions on how to organize and promote a blood drive. Student coordinators are responsible for overseeing all blood drive committees relating to recruitment, promotion, and volunteers. Program rewards include college and career skills. This program is a great way to educate students about how easy it is to help others and make an impact.
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Leaders Save Lives

High school and college students can help support patients during critical collection time frames while school is out of session. Students can host a blood drive in their community and earn leadership skills and volunteer hours. Students may also become eligible to earn a gift card and an entry to win a scholarship.
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The Humankind program allows college students to book college blood drives and recruit donors on college campuses throughout the year. The program emphasizes the power of collective donation to leave a mark on humankind.
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SleevesUp makes it possible for anyone to host a blood drive, even those without a connection to a location or organization. The program helps participants create a virtual blood drive in honor of a special occasion. Organizers can then invite friends and family members across the country to join them in donating blood and help save lives. Through this online campaign, organizers can set collection goals, choose a hashtag and upload pictures and stories about why blood donation is important to them. The process is simple and easy, yet personal and effective.
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Cesar Chavez Blood Drive 

This program celebrates Cesar E. Chavez’s legacy as an American civic leader who was committed to improving the quality of life for the U.S. and provides college students and other supporters with the opportunity to exercise Mr. Chavez’s principles within their local community. Red Cross supporters can use this program to help connect the Red Cross with Latin American blood donors to help hospital patients in need.
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Red Cross Collegiate Leadership Program

Students can be a part of a special tradition between the Res Cross, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA). The program engages a character-driven athletics association and student athletes in a national initiative to help save lives through blood collection on college campuses.
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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection